How to Stop Being Constantly Overwhelmed

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If you feel constantly overwhelmed - like you've always got too much to do and not enough time to do it in - then you're in the same boat that I've found myself in for several months.

Today, I'll walk you through the plan that I've been putting into action in order to strike a better work-life balance.

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💬 Comments

1. Reset sprint (reorganize your life )
2. Re establish your routine (if it was a complex routine start small and slowly incorporate more)
3. Define priorities and learn to say no

Author — Gabrielle Williams


Rebuilding your habits is like running on a treadmill. If you hop off when running at 12kmph you won't be able to get back on at that speed. You need to start again from a low speed and work back up.

Author — Dylan O'Shea


One thing that I do whenever I feel overwhelmed is disconnecting from social media or technology as much as I can. What the constant flow of information on the internet it can add to me feeling overwhelmed plus being disconnected from technology can also help me get a lot of my work done which will help me feel less overwhelmed since it ends up getting me a little bit ahead.

Author — Nick Shea


Hey Thomas! I wanted to share with you something my therapist told me once. He said "Ok, you work and are passionate about your work. You work out and eat healthy so your body is well. You like reading and you have plenty of fulfilling hobbies. But when do you slow down? I mean, when do you take a minute to connect with yourself?"
And this made me think a lot, and I realised that that's what my life was missing: a moment of literally doing nothing, not be listening to music, not be listening to a podcast in the background, completely disconnected from any technology and any task, just staring out the window and letting my thoughts rub free. I used to feel very overwhelmed all the time, but ever since I have started doing this once in a while, I have felt much healthier and relaxed and energetic.
Just a thought that I wanted to share with you so maybe you can explore it and see if you find it works :)

Author — Makita Jazzqueen


As a new grad school student who struggles with anxiety, I've really needed this video. But I never thought it would come from Thomas - I've always thought he's this productivity ninja who just gets stuff done and doesn't overthink it.

Author — MusicJunkie


I love this topic. Burnout, procrastination, work/life balance...they are all things I talk about/coach on. Our culture feeds those things more and more. It takes so much more awareness and practice to break from the crowd and not get sucked into the riptide.

Author — Tara Wagner Coaching


The struggles of having many different interests and also responsabilities. I feel your pain Thomas. Thank you for the tips.

Author — Lara Prudêncio


My problem is that I don't get burnout trying to get ahead, I'm just trying to get equal:(

Author — Leví Carbellido


I think one of the most important thing to remember is that overwhelm is a symptom of our HABITS, not our TASKS. If we don't look at the patterns that led us there (boundaries, routines, bad habits, mindset, everything), we'll just wind up there again.

Author — Tara Wagner Coaching


Overwhelmed, underwhelmed but never whelmed

Author — Chandasouk


My brilliant advice: forget hard work and put chill as a very high priority in life. I don't envy highly successful people at all. I know I'm enjoying life a lot more overall, even if I can't show it off.

The root of the overwhelm problem is fear. You're afraid of being perceived as low status. Let go of it and you'll be happy. I promise! As a rule of thumb, when you see people desperately seeking validation on social media, you should feel sorry for them, not envious. Then you know you've made it!

This actually does not go that much against the advice of the video. You will still find motivation this way, but they'll be more natural. Things like learning to play piano for no good reason for example, like the video said.

Author — RealLifeSituationLover5001


Thanks for this great video! Establishing a routine is SO difficult when you’re self employed. Holding yourself accountable to yourself is challenging. It’s so easy to become overwhelmed and burnt out. We just have to keep moving forward and hitting goals as efficiently as we can ☺️

Author — Haleemah X


I feel the same way whenever I practice cello and learn Korean 😥 I always think "I should be studying" 😭😭😭 The joy of discovery is really important to me as well. Thanks for the insight and encouragement!

And congratz on your piano progress 😄🤗

Author — Taki


What if you feel overwhelmed by trying to make your routines and organizing your life?

Author — Dunja Petkovic


I have been reading your blog and watching your videos religiously for a few years now, Thomas. You really got me through university, and I don't say that lightly. This is the most human video I've ever seen you make. It is something I've always felt missing from this medium, something raw that opens a personal side you've at times coveted away and kept private from the public. And understandable so. You obviously recognise that the overwhelming majority of your viewers will empathise, but when your fans look at you like an organised, entrepreneurial, studious beast, source of inspiration and motivation, it's easy to forget that you, like most everyone watching this, suffer from being overwhelmed and risk being taken to dark and upsetting places. A few more videos unpacking this more would be great.

Author — pureinhart


This video really hit me when I realized how overwhelmed I am. My husband died in 2017, my daughter's boyfriend proposed in 2018, and they are getting married in 2019. I think that's enough for a loooong time.

Author — Karen Rich


"The power of Habits" by Charles Duhigg has been giving me good information to change some harmful habits of mine. Eating healthy, and trying to get my sleeping schedule on time .

Author — PVNCHO s14


It’s nice being reminded of how to deal with these issues as I’m experiencing them during this season of life. 😭

Author — Ishika Shanai


My issue is that my routine is constantly sprinting. I need to create healthier habits because I don’t have healthy habits to “re-establish”. I’m just running from one thing to another and it’s exhausting.

Author — My Life Fast Forward


Tom stop being so applicable to my life

Author — Mundane Pixels