CostaRica -🇨🇷 Why Costa Rica HATES 😲 #Gringos - EXPLAINED 😜 **Don't get hated on**😜

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CostaRica -🇨🇷 Why Costa Rica HATES 😲 #Gringos - EXPLAINED 😜 **Don't get hated on**😜 4

We often discuss Tico ways, Tico culture, and always from a gringo perspective, especially in our expat interviews. Well, we've decided to turn the tables and let folks know what the Tico's think of us gringo's. We accumulated this info through observation, experience and interviews so if you're thinking about traveling or perhaps living in Costa Rica, this is a great source of information. ENjoY!

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❌❌ CostaRica - Why Costa Rica HATES #Gringos - EXPLAINED **Don't get hated on**
hey guys I'm Michael I'm from travel
Costa Rica NOW and I'm going to
tell you what Tico's don't like about us
gringos and when I say Gringo's I'm
talking about people from the United
States and that's it
gringos United States and I'm not
talking about what Gringo's are done to
the real estate and land values down
here that's another video other stuff
and I'm also going to tell you the worst
thing Gringo's do last so you want to
stay tuned because actually it's the
most important now the first thing I
learned this the hard way and pretty
batiko said so where are you from I said
well I'm an American he said so am i
hello North America Central America
people in United States do not have a
monopoly on America or American so they
know Christopher Columbus too so don't
learn that one the embarrassing way like
I did they also don't like that we don't
have any patience and it were time
oriented and we have this constant need
to move and do things well actually they
don't mind that we're like that they
just don't like us coming down and
pushing our a D D attitude on them
they'd rather us keep it either in our
mind or back in the United States now
guys the truth is Gringo's tend to be
loud and obnoxious not that Tico's can't
be loud if you've ever been to a bar
watching a soccer game they can be quite
loud but I'm telling you in a group if
there's somebody being obnoxious it's
probably a gringo whooping and hollering
drawn attention to themselves whoo-hoo
I'm a gringo I can be loud well they
don't really like that and it is
obnoxious so trying to try not to do
that they also don't like us
bad-mouthing their food all right
and I actually agree with them on this
now it's true that they don't like spicy
really that's Mexico they're not like
that here
but just because you went to a touristy
gringo price restaurant here doesn't
mean you know their food
you only know touristy Gringo's price
Restaurants menus food you know what I
mean so yes they have rice and beans as
a staple here just like potatoes is a
staple in most places in the United
States but believe me they do all the
stuff they got recipes they have fish
and things they dress things up it's
just you don't know it you know so
believe me the food is good down here
and if you don't think it's good just
bring a bottle of Tabasco sauce with you
I guess on your next trip now this next
thing is can be kind of racist whether
you are meaning it so or not do not say
you don't look like a Tico which
basically is you're referencing that
they look more white than they should
and that's kind of plaintive there it's
kind of playing into that whole what we
do to blacks a lot in the United States
where if they're lighter we 3/5 think
that they may be more intelligent or we
can relate to them better than the the
darker ones that could be sketchy and
less intelligent well that's obviously
way not true and it's way not true here
Chico's here are from white to dark and
everything between so don't do that you
don't look like a Tico thing it's it's
not good and it does sound a little
racist and discriminatory maybe even on
a subconscious level now I'm not going
to I'm not going to strike that if you
learn Spanish or you think you learn
Spanish before you come here and you're
talking to the waiter here and he
doesn't understand you it's because your
Spanish sucks
it's not as good as you think it is it's
not because he doesn't know Spanish he
lives here but don't get all pissy and
like you're talking great Spanish and
he's got the problem because he doesn't
understand you know you have the problem
because your Spanish isn't good it's
very offensive think about it in a
reverse situation if somebody was saying
that about your English all right and
the other funny kind of sad thing is if
a Tico doesn't know English you talking
slower doesn't mean he's gonna understand it
any better so can you get me a beer
you sound retarded don't do it it's
embarrassing it's embarrassing two
people from the United States so please
don't do that
okay this next one...

💬 Comments

Great advice! We are visiting next month. Cheers!

Author — Chef Tips


Just use COMMON sense when travelling the world and you will be fine. Speak little, watch and listen a lot.

Author — bach baroque


I’m from Costa Rica and this is FREAKING funny 🤣

Author — Alison Padilla


Lol, this video should be titled "Why Costa Rica Hates A**holes!"

Author — Tess W


This should be called "How Not To Be A Typical American Tourist"

Author — xodancerxo312


I've been going to CR for almost 20 years and I think that the Ticos are some of the warmest most gracious people I've met in the 40+ countries I've been to.

Author — Brian Kegel


Well, this advice should be applied for all travellers in any country.

Author — Alex Lopez


I'm Costa Rican and you are totally right and welcome to visit my beautiful and small but amazing country

Author — Joyce B Morales


The one that said that we hate when they called themselves “Americans” is so true, I hate that! 😂😂😂

Author — Valeriafmsh 2



Author — Rafael Castillo E.


Awesome video. Very humble of you to say these things. I appreciate that.

Author — Carlos Raga


great video. I'm from Canada and just bought a house in Samara and I see this damn near every day. This video should be a pre-requisite for traveling to Costa and anywhere for that matter

Author — TrickTrades


You just have to be respectful! That’s the point👍🏽

Author — Adrian Santiago


This also applies to Thailand. Also, speaking LOUDER doesn't improve the other person's understanding of our poor Spanish skills. Be patient and enjoy the experiences that Costa Rica offers. Leave the U.S. stuff at the airport. Pura Vida!

Author — Helena Jackson


Thank you for pointing these things out. I wish you every person from the United States could see this video. I live in the Philippines. Everything you mentioned happens here in the Philippines also. White guys walk around like they are kids in a candy store. They walk through the mall as if they own it. They speak loud and they're obnoxious. They think that the Filipino needs their help. they have no appreciation for simplicity of life and they think that everybody needs to live exactly like they do in the socialist country of United States. we are not socialist here so there are no freebies. We don't have free housing and food stamps here and our government does not go into trillions of dollars of debt trying to make everything look nice and pretty and neat and clean. We build simple dwellings for ourselves and it's annoying when Westerner see this and frown upon it and think they need to help you as if they are above you. Anyway your video was very nicely done

Author — todeo todeo


I've been to Costa Rica 6 times on a surf trip, respect, treated people like family, smiled, tipped well, no problems!

Author — The Endless Cycle


4:18 hahahaha it's true, I i'm tico XD

Author — Donald Trump


Great advice Brother...attitude is a maker or breaker as well...ANYWHERE.

Author — ddskimmer


I really want to visit Costa Rica. Thank you for sharing this video I really loved it.

Author — Antoinette


Excellente. The speaking English slowly riff is so true!

Author — Dirk D