Britain After Rome // The Age of Arthur - History Documentary

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Britain After Rome // The Age of Arthur - History Documentary 5

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It's trilogy time again. This is the first part in a new series spanning the epic twilight of Post-Roman Britain. One of the least well recorded periods in history. It was originally going to include the kingdoms of the Old North but the script was over 10, 000 words so that's going to be the next video, and then there's going to be a third one too. I visited many of the places involved in this video and have been/ am going to to many more for the next two. Please like and subscribe if you enjoyed the video and why not share it with a like minded friend who loves history. Let me know any questions or concerns in the comments section & thanks for watching!

Watch my latest history documentary here:-

Author — History Time


This channel is what The History Channel was supposed to be before it got taken over by truckers and pawn shop owners.

Author — Spike Gomes


Amazing that a single man makes better documentaries than most of the so called professionals.

Author — anilingus


Your productions put shame on all these so called documentaries on mainstream TV and cable channels. Thank you so much.

Author — Amanita Muscaria


This channel is really GREAT. Who need TV when you have YouTube and channels like this? Watching from my hotel in Thailand and the TV is crap, thanks for this upload.

Author — Sandven Explorer


There is something about this period in both Britain and Ireland that is simply magical to put it.

Author — Omensan Emperor


This reminds me to re-read Bernard Cornwell's books about Arthur.

Author — AlexD


Ah, the Dacians; they had curved swords. ...CURVED swords...

Author — Robert Weston


This man with his self taught editing skills and Youtube ad revenue makes content that is unspeakably good.

Author — George Patton


They were the watchers on the wall, the shields that guarded realms of men.

Author — Dark Ranger Sylvenora


This channel reminds me of what the History channel used to be when I was growing up. Great informative documentaries. Gives me hope for humanity. Keep up the great work.

Author — Dude Sweet


What a mistake it was
to give away the citizenship so easy

Author — Jonah S


I live a few miles from Birdoswald, Hadrian’s Wall is a beautiful part of the country! Great video once again!

Author — Jordan Waugh


Wow, you've put in so much work and dedication into this by personally going to many of these sites and documenting them yourself! That's amazing and I'm sure it's given you a level of understanding and depth about these places that one just can't get from books alone - it definitely shows in your documentary. You also do an amazing job of connecting Roman Britain to the early middle ages and make it so much easier to understand for those of us (like myself) who don't know much about this era. Thanks so much for sharing your love of early Britain with us...really looking forward to parts II and III!

Author — History with Cy


Not even a quarter of the way through the video, and I've already learned so much more than I'd heard before, especially the unintended consequence of broad scale Roman citizenship. I'm ready now for the rest!
Edit: I suspect I'm going to be watching this one several times.

Author — j k


I thought his name was Septimius Severus. Who is Septimus?

Author — mrdfac


Hadrian's wall was surplanted for a time by Antionne's Wall

Author — Jack Doyle


Chris Barber and David Pykitt's book "Journey to Avalon: the Final Discovery of King Arthur proposed that after fighting the Battle of Camm lann, Arthur abdicated and travelled to Brittany, where he is now remembered not as "Arthur" but by the french version of that name "Armel."

St Armel is famous throughout France and is always depicted in Catholic Churches which have his statue in them, as a Holy Warrior bedecked in Armour - he was a Warrior Saint. According to Tradition, the Saint is Known to have been born of Royal Blood, he had originally been a former Welsh Prince who after leaving Britain and arriving at Brittany, made such an impression that an area in Brittany is named after him to this day "Saint-Armel."

Armel is famous throughout France as a great Warrior Saint who had fought battles prior to his arrival in Brittany, and known to have impressed the Kings of Brittany who lived during that period with his supernatural miracles.
He so impressed the Kings that they granted him his full protection and admired him. He proved that the faith he believed in was true and many conversions happened as a result of his presence.

St Armel was a favourite Saint of King Henry VII of England ( since Armel was known to have been both of Royal Blood and of French/Welsh ancestry - just like Henry himself) In fact, Henry was so impressed with St Armel, that he named his SON "Arthur" after him.

This theory of what happened to the real King Arthur and his reasons for being so admired is probably the real one as viewing the historical spiritual climate of the time, great Saints gained the greatest admiration. King Arthur was probably famous because he was a huge Saint. People valued sanctity in England to an extremely high degree back then. Armel/ Arthur was venerated by St Bede who mentioned him in his writings (without knowing what had become of him.) In France, it is true, that St Armel is known to have left England a Warrior Prince of Welsh blood and arrived in Brittany. Too coincidental really is the fact that there is a tiny Island just north of the Coast of Brittany named The Isle of Aval.

Also in favour of this being the true reality of King Arthur, is the fact that he lived during the time of great Saints who are attested to have performed many miracles. Cornwall during the 6th century was known as "West Wales" and it is STILL termed " the Land of Saints." due to the historicity of many holy people living there around the time that Arthur is stated to have lived.

A not very famous contemporary source for King Arthur (presumably - before he left Britain for Brittany) is found in the writings of Llywarch Hen - Prince of the Cambrian Britons. He lived from 530 AD to over 100 years of age. He states Arthur as someone who has a "Court"
Unfortunately, he has resentment for Arthur - for whatever reason, so his words are not very admiring! Yet, this Prince's journal DOES validate that Arthur/Armel lived around the right time (6th century) had a Court and he is therefore a contemporary source not generally mentioned in the list that exists.

Hope this is of interest to you all.

Author — CM A


Oh boy, here we go! This is going to be good.

Author — Artur M.


You can just hear Arthur screaming for Merlin

Author — Napoleon I Bonaparte