Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show

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Trevor Chats with His Grandma About Apartheid and Tours Her Home, “MTV Cribs”-Style | The Daily Show 5
In this special Self-Deportation Edition of The Daily Show, Trevor heads back to South Africa, tours the neighborhood he grew up in, talks to his grandmother about Nelson Mandela and apartheid, and gives an “MTV Cribs”-style tour of his grandma’s home.

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I already had a lot of respect for your hard work and tenacity Trevor, but this is incredible. Letting people see this other side of you so up close, is priceless. My story is very similar so I can connect. Much POWER to you brother.

Author — Harvey Newman


Wow i'm amazed to see grammy who is 91 but still look young, yo she is so nice😍😍😍😍🔥🔥🔥💖💖



Never forget where you come from. Such a beautiful very strong.

Author — Hazel Griffith


Gogo is telling the truth Trevor, load shedding is a serious problem in SA.

Author — DEbby simelane


“....when you reach 90s, you start counting months....” 😂😂😂😅

Author — Judith Faith


Trevor can you please make this a series?! "Skype calls with gogo" and feature them as a whole segment. Almost had tears watching this. So educational and funny. Reminded me of my gran ❤️

Author — Shaya Fendez


I'm sorry, but I balled tears when Trevor's Grandmother said you were fighting apartheid, but you did not know. It was his very existence.

Author — soxpuff


Who had a mom who always had a plastic bag full of allot of plastic bags, whos mom used to store stuff in empty food packaging and containers.

Author — bittaswt -


Can you imagine being Trevor? A kid who can’t play outside for fear of being arrested, and when you DO go outside, other young children are scared of you because institutionalized racism and oppression have been seared into their minds?

Author — Kris


"those big humps they know my slipers" only we AFRICANS understand that hahahaa

Author — ally habib


Trevor, I absolutely love this woman. She's beautiful to me. Such a cute grandma you have.

Author — Redirecting


What people don't realize is that most elders don't want money from their children or grandchildren he's probably offered and she's probably declined

Author — Leshia Richardson


It blows my mind how a black person was scared to be black in a black country. 😳 so sad

Author — MsKimmy202


Those big bums, they know my slippers 😂😂😂😂

Author — Thobile Thwala


Lmao this looks exactly like my grandma's house in peru

Author — Mo 2k


What a lively and funny Grandma. Trevor's comedic notes certainly have roots.

Author — Element7


This was wonderful. I watch your show sporadically. Only because I don’t watch much TV. You are a warm wonderful man and your grandmother has no pretentiousness. How refreshing. You are a product of your upbringing. I can tell you cherish not only your beginnings but what you have accomplished. Walk tall. And be just as graceful in later life. It would become you. Thank you so much for sharing this. Your laugh is infectious. I will be sure to watch your show more. How fun! I would have liked to sit down and have a conversation with your grandmother. I think she has lived through a rich unique life.
And has many stories to tell.
Edited to say I just ordered your book. Not audiobook. lol.

Author — Deb Jones


Damn man! This is so similar to the way it is in the Caribbean it's eerie. Almost the exact way I grew up on Aruba. Down the refrigerator magnets.

Author — ShadeStar


i dont know why i am crying... i can feel the love and emotion these two share... and also the horror of racism.... i wish grandma good health and more happy years to come

Author — Bushra Monowar


Tears in my eyes, just tears... Big up trevor. From Kenya

Author — Doug