Sean Hannity Had 'Exclusively Almost' Nothing to Do with Michael Cohen | The Daily Show

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Sean Hannity Had 'Exclusively Almost' Nothing to Do with Michael Cohen | The Daily Show 5

After it's revealed that Fox News host Sean Hannity is Michael Cohen's anonymous third client, he tries to downplay the relationship and defend himself on-air.

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"Exclusively almost" sounds like something Kelly Anne would come up with 🤦

Author — Ms H !


He wasn't my lawyer but I claim attorney-client privilege.

Author — hardy2175


America is the best show on the internet.. Hands down..

Author — 530Tv


So Hannity had "occasional brief conversations" yet he never mentioned them until someone else broke the story. I smell a rat.

Author — American Writer


Hannity: "We were just drinking buddies. There's nothing to see here. Trust me, I barely know the guy. Now let's focus on the real story -- crooked Hillary Clinton, George Soros and the Deep State. Stay tuned for an update on the latest Big Foot sighting, coming up next, right after this important message from our sponsor the good folks at the NRA."

Author — Linda Wright


All real estate, no third parties? What's he doing, selling real estate to himself???

Author — Mimi M


Yeah and my doctor isn't my doctor I just visit him once in a while he puts me on a hospital gown and checks my health concerns oh but he isn't my doctor ok.

Author — Franchesca Sandoval


Ready for a typical Fox News "pre booked vacation" amid controversy

Author — Adrian Brown


Hannity, Cohen and Trump walk into a bar, just kidding, it's a prison.#TrumpCrimeSyndicate

Author — rob davis


Lol hannity is a walking colostomy bag

Author — Tom DeVito


Did I hear him say, "a great attorney!" Whoppsy .

Author — SpecialSP


Meanwhile this was said at the last two minutes of his show. The true crime family is Fox news. What a hack.

Author — Aleza Seibert


When your hair shape like dictionary 😂😂😂

Author — kitty 1905


"I did relations with that lawyer...Mr Cohen!"

Author — cyberjazz71


well he just gave the lawyer a freecard to tell whatever they talked about by waving the rights by saying he is Not his lawyer so no privileges.

Author — Erebus2075


He is a lying thug. He even has imitated the hand gestures of Trump! You saw one, you saw all.

Author — tornado b


“Pissing your pants, Sean? It’s gonna be Pee-Pee Pants City here real soon.” - Negan

Author — Broccoli Rob


“Let me set the record straight, here’s the truth: lie, lie, lie, lie, lie. And lie, lie, lie, lie!”

Author — Blicky Gervais


Hannity's logic:
He's not my lawyer, just asking for his legal advice.I'm not his client. *BUT* I have attorney–client privilege.

Author — Misericordia


Love the fact that he just waivered attorney client privilige

Author — Anna Rehbinder