10 Fights That Made Us Question MMA

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10 Fights That Made Us Question MMA 4.5
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Referees should be allowed beat a fighter in the face who refuses to release a submission after a tap.

Author — Chris


"Michael Bisping nearly lost all vision in his eye." Little did we know

Author — Sam Tufts


"The fights you hide from your non- mma friends so they don't judge you."

The accuracy is painful here

Author — Boo


You paid $59.99, I watched it for free like a parasite 🦠

Author — Paul Rice


Suprised Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz 3 wasnt on here.  Thats another head scratcher.

Author — cbalgobin1


You forgot the part where MVP threw a PokEball at Cyborg after he knocked him out making it funny again.

Silly MVP, you can't catch fainted PokEmon

Author — Da Beast From Da Weast


Everyone of Jon Jones fights from now on knowing he still has juice in his system even though he may not be benefiting from it...how many tests has he failed how many has he passed he's dirty as fck it's so not fair

Author — Zack Jondro


5:45 Bisbing Didnt just lose vision, he lost his eye. Its a prosthetic. Dudes been fighting with one ever since that fight. Pimp status right there.

Author — ochiet77


I love the commentary
"Gabi Garcia is a 6"2, 210lb murder machine..."
That's actually probably the best way to describe her

Author — Tubby Wallace


Palhares should never be allowed to compete in MMA ever again, he ruins people's careers.

Author — Penny Hardaway


These aren't the fights you hide. Most of these are the best fights submissions and knockouts.

Author — Michael Torres


Refs should be allowed to slap the fighters face if they hold a submission too long

Author — Steel Man117


Even more messed up was them telling him to stop moaning like he could control it...

Author — David Whitfield


That mortal kombat X-ray comparison though

Author — RollingxBigshot


valentina shevchenko is hot in a kind of scary way.

Author — KwopKing


Whoa whoa whoa... I wanted to see how that tennis fight played out!

Author — Michael


I will gladly watch Khabib maul Mcgregor again.

Author — prisoneroftech


There should be an automatic 6 month suspension when a fighter continues to repeatedly hit an obviously knocked out opponent.

PS: I feel that fighters like that transgender fighter Gabi Garcia shouldn't be allowed to fight in the women's class.

Author — Vince Veloce


I was upset when Santiago eye gauged Gunnar Nelson but wow some of these cases are extreme.

Author — Soliton FPV


im so glad Conor learned his lessons and changed his ways... oh wait.

Author — Matthew Shellman