10 Fights That Made Us Question MMA

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10 Fights That Made Us Question MMA 4.5
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Suprised Chuck Liddell vs Tito Ortiz 3 wasnt on here.  Thats another head scratcher.

Автор — cbalgobin1


Palhares should never be allowed to compete in MMA ever again, he ruins people's careers.

Автор — Penny Hardaway


valentina shevchenko is hot in a kind of scary way.

Автор — Ross Thompson


Silva's leg break makes me shudder. Should be on list.

Автор — croxeh


I'm just reading through the comments and realizing that we need a part 2 of this video

Автор — Makro Opac


Lawler vs McDonald 2 has got to be one of the best fight of all time



“Seth Rollins cosplay”
Lmao die hard MMA and Wrestling fans are the master race

Автор — WhereTheFuckIAm?


I think you should have mentioned that Rory got paid only $59, 000 for that fight, that was highly questionable as well.

Автор — Alejandro Piedra


You forgot the part where MVP threw a PokEball at Cyborg after he knocked him out making it funny again.

Silly MVP, you can't catch fainted PokEmon

Автор — Da Beast From Da Weast


This is literally the best list and perspective in my opinion from this entire channel I love it

I would just substitute Micheal bisping with cat because mike almost lost his eye . Cat just "thinks" she did

Автор — El Cucuy


Everytime that
Mario "is he dead yet?" Yamasaki reffed any fight.

Автор — Jay WiPL


"The fights you hide from your non- mma friends so they don't judge you."

The accuracy is painful here

Автор — Boo


You paid $59.99, I watched it for free like a parasite 🦠

Автор — Paul Rice


Yeah, that Kimbo/Dada fight was shockingly awful. RIP Kimbo

Автор — Joshua Hale


Rory "so you want to be a fighter" Mcdonald

Автор — Marcel C


cant blame you for not including falon fox but I think it deserves a shout out at least.

Автор — Dude Duderson


Tony Ferguson's the type of guy to help cowboy cut height.

Автор — brad markland


It's all fun and games till someone's head gets caved in.

Автор — fosterpainter


Refs should be allowed to slap the fighters face if they hold a submission too long

Автор — Steel Man117


All the leg kicks that Rory took when he became the Bellator WW champ were brutal too. Obviously not as bad as the 2nd Lawler fight, but he was still super messed up afterwards. Man's taken enough beatings for several lifetimes.

Автор — An Idiot Plays Live Stream