50 Cool DIY Projects and Ideas Using PVC Pipes

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50 Cool DIY Projects and Ideas Using PVC Pipes 5

50 cool DIY projects, crafts, and ideas using PVC pipes. Here is the full list of projects made with PVC pipes:

Race car track. Tipi. Or fort. Chicken feeder. Nightstand. Clothes shelves. Drying rack. Soccer goal. Desk organizer. Hose stand. Handcrafted lamps. Fencing. Raised garden bed cover. Tape dispenser. Plant Pots. Drill holders. Clothes rack. Truckbed bike rack. Kayak roof rack / carrier. Bike repair stand. Trellis. Flutes. Dog washer. Raft. Water gun. Waterproof underground cache. Dog bed. Baby gate. Table. Backyard dunk tank. Compressed air blow gun. Wine rack. birdhouse. Tile clean pad. Mist stick. Greenhouse. Laptop stand. Vertical garden. Kayak rod rack. Summer camp chairs. Hydroponic system. Laundry sorter. Toothbrush holders. Bow. Handled tool rack. Shoes rack. Screwdriver holder. Drawer dividers. Baby armchair. Fishing cart.

If you are interested in how to make any of them, search for "How to make PVC pipe + item from the list above".

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Wow this is awesome 😍😮👌
DIY'S and Arts are the reasons why Im into YouTube now. 😊
At first I didn't know that there is a world like this. A world for artistic people. I thought my imaginations and ideas are just good for nothing. But now I know I am not alone. We are a many 🥰.
Lets continue to share good things and our ideas in a world full of negativity. 🌍❤️

Author — Lavenders Diary


If i were more like you and cleaned after portions of the builds, my shop might actually be clean. HAHAHA 1:11

Author — Tran The Clever


I can't wait to have a race with El Goblino!

Author — Lunar


A PVC wine rack. For people with certain aspirations.

Author — TheOneWhoMightBe


Pretty cool ideas even though some of them are metal pipes not pvc...

Author — Philip Plowman


Nice sharing bro, , success your channel, from Indonesia💕👍😀

Author — Nina Taristiana


Nice but, u did t say how to make any of these thing😢

Author — Dacia's D.I.Y's


These are the type of videos I like... Short, sharp, shiny. No idiot babbling.

Author — vk flynn


Hola muy lindos trabajos me gustaría que me envíes un diseño de como hacer un closet en pvc

Author — Leo Gallego


I love the laptop holder but i dont have laptop 😂😂😂

Author — Blood Brothers


Will u please tell me the quality of pipe

Author — Sugandh Singal



Author — Alex


Hoje em dia até a casa dos passáros é moderna meio futurista😨

Author — Mônica Pinheiro


Still not biodegradable though, right? This presentation was sponsored by ... Big Oil.

Author — PinkPonyOfPrey


Plc pipes are only so costly that its better to buy needed product instead doing good opportunity hack

Author — Anisha Saria


You forgot the hand operated water pump, and prospectors crevicing tool.

Author — Keith Rose


Where is the cheapest place to get plumbing supplies?

Author — Jillian M


This is just a bunch of pictures from Google! No work was put into this at all!

Author — gavin mccollum


On your next video, please turn the music down.

Author — Renita Isbon


Thank you ever so much for all these amazing, innovative creative ideas. Just can't wait to try some of these out. Couldn't imagine that one could put PVC pipes to such valuable use. Excellent. Keep up the super work, guys. I'll give you 5 stars for your creative work. I wish you continued success in all your future endeavors. Hugs from me in Sri Lanka.

Author — Indranee Senanayake