The Evolution of Halo's Covenant - The Jackals

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In this episode of The Evolution of Halo's Covenant, I take an in depth look into the various cosmetic, gameplay and AI behaviors the Jackals have seen over the years. Thanks for watching!

Special thanks to Ruby of Blue for his Halo 4 Jackal clip!

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What's your favorite Jackal and why? I want to know! Thanks for watching :)

Author — EBR


Jackals in Halo 2: "Sniping's a good job mate."

Author — SockEater4293


Master Chief: simply looks at a jackal
Halo 1 Jackal: haha *roll*

Author — ThatOneVietnamNoodle


I'm pretty sure that Jackle shields in Halo CE also turned red after a number of shots, it's not just from Halo 2 onwards.

Author — Bernard Cornellis van Meijeren Karp


This sniper jackal just killed enough Spartans to become a shipmaster

Author — Alexander Bohorquez


“Makes Linda-058 look like a drunk skeet shooter.” Oof, shots fired. Literally.

Author — Joshua Darrow


Skirmishers are awesome! I wish they were in more halos, there’s so many interesting things that could’ve been done with them in reach that just weren’t.

Author — Hollow Steel


I honestly would like to see the H4-5 Jackals added as an enemy subtype akin to how the Skirmishers operate; maybe carrying heavier weapons or having some sort of shield that expands to cover multiple units, like the Cabal Phalanx from Destiny 2.

Author — Boisegang


I certainly miss the armor variations. Halo CE's helmet ones and Reach's armored Skirmishers in particular. We barely see any armored Skirmishers till much later in the game

Author — Justin Nyugen


The Jackals have got to be the most diverse in all the Covenant species. Many variants and subspecies (assuming the Skirmishers aren't the only ones) from avian to reptilian-like appearances. Would be cool to see the reptilian Jackals in Infinite alongside Skirmishers for extra Jackal variety.

Author — Rose Supreme


It would be nice to see a jackal firing squad, the shields for suppressive fire while riflemen(carbine or plasma rifle) shoot behind them.



7:19 their shields also turned red in the original Xbox version of Halo CE, the mcc has the gearbox port which ruined a lot of transparent objects in game

Author — JustZaker


The jackals in halo 4 are actually a sub species just like the skirmishers. They're called Ibie'shian

Author — 4T3hM4kr0n!


I think Jackals are the only covenant species where I kinda like their 343 redesign, that being said Halo 3’s design is still my favourite

Author — Ryaquaza 1


Halo 2 Jackles look cool, but PTSD tells me to hate them

Author — Omega


*Cover the evolution of the UNSC Marines!* 😀

Author — Foreign0817


7:19 They actually did in Halo 1 but only the original Xbox version.

Author — Berserker1016


I always loved them in halo 1 when they had helmets, it made them look more soldierly and civilized than just them acting like crazy dinobirds the covenant just set off a leash like later games..

Author — DeanmC261993


I just don't get the decision to make the Jackals more saurian, they're much more generic looking and redundant with the Elites already being dinos. I thought Skirmishers were done much better, they had a more striking avian design and appeared alongside the other Jackal "subspecies" rather than replacing them entirely.

Author — ADAngel


Just for the note, the CE jackal's shields glows red when shoot as well, what happened is that the port they used for MCC was from the PC not the OG xbox. The PC version have a lot of problems whit bump maping and transparente lights like the jackals shield.

Author — Jordav Lopez