Sonic 2020: Episode Shadow of Water (Infinity Engine)

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Sonic 2020: Episode Shadow of Water is a Sonic fangame project made in the Infinity Engine. This video continues the Story of Sonic Episode White Jungle, where Shadow has his own adventure! Shadow has 2 stages, a boss fight, and gorgeous cut scenes!
Sonic 2020: Episode Shadow of Water by Bolt
(Check out his amazing work below!)

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The Infinity Engine was made by Oban
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Happy 29th Anniversary Sonic! Wow this fangame is simply incredible. Some things I'd like to say similar to what I did for the last demo for the creators to read.
- Episode of Water is also part of the game, and there has been some improvements made, such as red rings, the tree level being revamped, short camera scenes showing switches, better lighting, lightdash works alot better, you can now die if you fall from the tree in some areas, and so on.
- Holy crap, I can't believe how awesome, Shadow is in this, I absolutely love his chaos powers, like omg.
- Really I don't have to many critiques, since they really did listen to my list last time! :D
- One thing I guess is the final boss, sometimes the homing attack will just not work and you will stay in one spot, and there's a random death part in the sky transition when going to the second part of the boss fight.
- The final boss seems way easier if you use a mouse and keyboard, or have an insane sensitivity, and mash the A button. I recommend making it where he's actually invincible for a short time after you hit him, but then make it where he takes more damage each time. The way it currently is, promotes spam.
-Absolutely fantastic job! Can't believe this is a fangame, can't wait to make more videos on this in the future!!

Author — Sonic Overtime


Imagine making a sonic game better then forces in your spare time

Author — ricky2012100


This is *THE* Sonic Fan game to play that overarchs all others that demonstrates just how passionate and dedicated the community is towards sonic and how much their love for the franchise has grown over the years. dedication, and effort that the sonic community has drawn over the years.

Author — Jovani


Sonic: "Shadow, why are you Russian?"
Shadow: "I'm in a hurry."
Sonic: "No, I mean Russian, not rushing."

Author — Mhx Air


I love how you can use shadow's chaos abilities in this game

Author — Vlad


I legitimately thought this was a new Sonic game, it looks way too amazing to be a fanmade game

Author — General Von


Sonic fans be like: "Fine SEGA, I'll make the games my damn self."

Author — Delta Code


This is incredible work from a developmental perspective! Great visuals, interesting stage design, and fluid cutscenes really pull a fresh story together. (Take a lesson, Sega.) But the voice acting is... big yikes. It's really important from an immersion perspective when casting voice actors that they're true to the source material. And the voice acting is a huge negative here - it's jarring and uncomfortable to listen to, which affects the overall experience. Rouge sounds bored and she has the exact tone of someone reading her lines from a paper. It lacks personality or any tonality. Her pacing sounds extremely unnatural as well; odd pauses in the middle of phrases.

Shadow's overall quality is honestly great and matches the character's gruff vocal tone wonderfully. It's a fantastic imitation of the real deal, but unfortunately the voice actor's natural accent (Russian) makes Shadow not only difficult to understand without English subtitles, but doesn't fit the character well in a canonical sense. Certainly not the voice actor's fault, but when casting voice roles based upon pre-existing characters, these are things you need to be mindful of.

Author — Spooky Cola


SEGA: Here's Sonic Forces and a movie!

Fans who want SA3: "Fine, I'll do it myself."

Author — Sam Boyer


То неловкое чувство, когда фанаты делают в 10 раз лучше, чем сама Сега. Что-то в этом мире явно не так. Разработчикам мое глубочайшее уважение!

Author — Альфа энд Ро


Honestly the Russian shadow is kinda charming in a way

Author — Mess


I like how Shadow can actually use his chaos powers instead of just coping sonics moves

Author — Ghostly Space


This game only really suffers from the Adventure problem: sometimes the music is louder than the dialogue and I can’t hear anything. But the visuals and chaos powers and whatnot are stellar. I do think that the level design might be just a little bit too broad in some areas (like I would’ve never guessed that lily pad part) and maybe a bit too difficult for beginners. Those homing attack areas seemed a little tense/tight, but besides that, this is amazing.

Author — Gamma Centauri


Words can’t really explain how proud I am as a Sonic fan in 2020 and the appreciation I have for ya for making a game well done. If I had nah critics tho, I’d def say the sound design def needs work, the boss battle and interactions DIDNT have many “punchy” sounds to them, so not many satisfying sounds. BUT this is by far the best fan made game I’ve ever seen so KEEP IT UP, IM KEEP SUPPORTING YA!

Author — Abhijith Jose


2005: "Where's that damn fourth Chaos Emerald?"

2020: "Where did this damn fog come from?"

Author — X 3 N 0


This is an amazing fangame, the level design is great, my favorite detail is how the level has mushrooms for springs, vines instead of flying enemies to cross places and circular branches instead of dash rings, these make the level more natural, that said there's always chance to improve, for example when Shadow hits the boss the visual and sound effects are weak, a good place to look for satisfying hit sfx is fighting games.

Author — Quadraxis


Honestly if we don't even focus on the gameplay and just the cutscenes, that's already Hella better than forces

Author — NoNamex


An interesting take, though it is weird to hear Shadow have a russian accent. Who knows, with Sega's track record, they might hire you. Just a little tip on the Vortex boss, when Shadow hit the weak point, it felt like there was a lack of Oomph. like he's hitting it but its not hurting. It doesn't feel like his attack is impacting.

Author — 323starlight


The minute I saw this engine for the first time I knew someone out there with some skill was gonna make a game using it. Honestly if Sega just wants to make Classic Sonic games then I'm sure the fans can provide a good modern Sonic games.

Author — Kain Gamble


the way this was displayed was amazing, good work. Reminds me of the old times when we use to get those demo discs for PSone/ dream cast days, but more modern approach.

Author — Erick Rivas