Pineal Gland: A Pleasure Far Bigger Than Sex - Sadhguru

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Pineal Gland: A Pleasure Far Bigger Than Sex - Sadhguru 5

Sadhguru brings clarity to the pineal gland – an object of mystery and confusion for many seekers. He explains how yogic processes are designed to activate the pineal gland, which can create a sense of ecstasy and pleasure beyond anything a person would otherwise know.

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Yogi, mystic and visionary, Sadhguru is a spiritual master with a difference. An arresting blend of profundity and pragmatism, his life and work serves as a reminder that yoga is a contemporary science, vitally relevant to our times.

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Yogis are not against pleasures, they are against small pleasures....i love those lines

Author — janaki yeluripati


Sadhguru leaves no option for disagreement
The wisest man in the world

Author — harshit Rijhwani


“The moment you decide to depend on another person, nobody on this planet is truly reliable.” Yikes 😬 that was real and raw

Author — Terriana Pearcy


Sadhguru, you are a boon to the morally decaying world!
We are lucky to live in your age..! Shat Shat Naman... 🙏🙏🙏

Author — Alakh Niranjan


My God... U ask him anything under the Sun.... Any subject ... He has an answer.... That too without any hesitation.... He will come out with a beautiful & simple explanation... Awesome..I really feel lucky & proud to be born in his State...Karnataka... Such an immense Oh!!!! . Dodda Namaskara Sadgurugale... 🎆🎆👍👍👌👌

Author — Nalini Mally


I am taking notes and applying to my life, I finally feel inspired 🤩

Author — sharakaye creates


Namah shivay
Shi~ fire
Va~ Air
Y~ sky
If u want to be blessed, , use will work
Om namah shivay🙏🙏

Author — shivam


Lots of truth here. I have recently reached that point of my life he talks & fed up with the yearning, pursuing, hoping, wishing, asking for, intimacy & partnership. I've let it all go and I'm happier as a result.

Author — DeadReckoning


Love is a frequency not just an emotion. Resonate your frequency to the frequency of love. Don't simply feel love, BE LOVE. Radiate it, receive it, dance with it! Do all things with love!

Author — Canon Goar


Everything Sadhguru tells about shambavi in this video is true from my personal experience.

Author — Nimish Nandedkar


"Then being with people will become more out of your love than out of your need"- Sadhguru 🙏❤🌹

Author — Shivangi Shekhawat


"The moment your joy is dependent on something or someone you WILL ALWAYS HAVE A COMPLAIN because no one can happen 100% the way you want not even god " this one line drops much of relief thank you Sadhguru 🙏🙏🙏

Author — Anurag Srivastav


whenever i feel stressed i just plug in the earphones with eyes closed playing sadhgurus videos nd the voice of him makes me feel good....
Pranam Sadhguru



It's feel like Sadhguru is answering my THOUGHTS.

Author — Sagun Shrestha


He has 4M subs. Sadhguru at YT fanfest would be fun.

Author — Jatin Lalwani


If your sense of joy or pleasure is dependent upon another person, you'll always have a compliant. No matter how wonderful the other person is. You have to play any number of tricks to extract pleasure out of someone. It takes enormous amount of time and energy. Be with people out of your love rather than your need = the results of celibacy.

Author — Rhog Shaman


Each and every word u say guru ji is true after a lot of meditation and Nofap I felt it and it feels like something I cannot describe it can be only experienced

Author — Barnadhya Barman


A great soul who has an answer for all the questions... The great Sadhguru!

Author — Cisy Jaquiline


3.7k view s in just 12min, wow waiting for your new teaching every day, Thank you guruve

Author — Govardhan V


The comments are intoxicating as the wisdom the guru is passing on

Author — Edwin Nuwagaba