France: Thousands join pension reform strikes in Paris

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Thousands of members of French trade unions marched through Paris to demonstrate against pension reforms proposed by French President Emmanuel Macron on Thursday.

The nationwide strike is one of the biggest in to hit the country in years and is set to affect rail, road and air transportation.

Macron's government is reportedly aiming to introduce a universal pension system across the economy but trade unions say that this will result in millions of private sector workers having to work beyond the legal retirement age in order to get a full pension.

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Great to see the beautiful sight changed from hongkong to paris.
Hope to see more other beautiful sights in Europe.

Author — 一物本來無


We in ‘Merica desperately are in need of the true spirit of these beautiful people!

Author — Balls to the wall


Dank an die vielen mutigen Menschen. Wir in Deutschland arbeiten ohne Widerstand statt bis 65 nun bis 67 Jahren. Bald bis 70 und dann bis Tod.

Wer kaempft kann verlieren, wer nicht kaempft hat schon verloren. Meine Solidaritaet mit eurem Kampf.

Author — Horst Brey