Godot Tilemap | Atlas Tiles & Auto Tiles Godot Tutorial 3.2

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In this Godot Tutorial, you will learn how to set up Auto Tiles and Atlas Tiles in Godot 3.2. With these systems, you can create maps quickly and conveniently!

00:00 Intro
01:16 Making a Single Tile
04:02 Setting up Auto Tiles
07:14 Setting up Atlas Tiles
08:24 Pond Demonstration
20:18 Collisions, Next Episode

Check out the next video to learn how to add collision shapes to this TileMap:

Making maps quickly is an often soft functionality in game engines. In the Godot Engine, you can achieve by creating auto tiles and atlas tiles. They will help you organize your project and draw tiles quickly. In this demonstration Godot 3.2 beginner tutorial, we will draw out a pond with an isometric tilesheet based tileset. Follow along and express your creativity :)

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Author — Game Development Center


I may be a silent viewer but know that I really appreciate your tutorials, they are really helpful.
I wanted to say thank you for your hard work making those videos.
Your tutorials helped me a lot in understanding Godot and Game creation/logic in general.
Thank you!

Author — ROcaStuff


This is so cool! I'm just now dipping into Godot, and am already working on a few projects. This makes me want to work on something like the original Fallout or Wasteland 2 haha. Actually I found this video while looking for help on what TileSet scripts do. Do you happen to know anything about that or could point me in the direction of any good resources for learning about them besides the doc? Thank you!

Author — Lightwatch


Thank you for your videos, I've been rewatching this one while I learn about tilemaps/sets!

Author — Jake Mouse


this video answered a lot of my questions regarding Godot's tile system. thanks dude c:

Author — Paweł Kołaczyński


You can copy and paste node parameters using the little tool icon on the inspector tab. It will save time when setting up a new tilemap layer.

Author — Rick R


Hey, nice tutorial series! It really helps me to get something done lol.

Maybe you can show us some lighting tips for isometric games in a future video?
LightNode2D and all that is attached to it causes major dissonances in my brain....

Author — Cosplay Souls


Thanks for this, exactly what I needed :)

Author — Signore della Guerra


what an amazing explanation, dude! Thanks!

Author — LalaTheAlter


Thank you so much for this video!! I was so confused with all the options for tilemap and the official documentation didn't help nearly as much as your tutorial!

Author — Cinthia Udakiri


Thanks for the tutorials I love what Hong them! Could you make a skill tree one or time page pls?

Author — Zach


Hi, does anyone know if it is possible to have a autotile inside a atlas? For example the straight cliffs would be an auto tile and I would not need to replace tiles individually

Author — Diego Matheus


could teach you how to create your own 2D sprites in blender

Author — Rafael Ros


Have you ever thought about uplaoding the streams you do on twitch to YT? I know some Twitch people do that and you might get some people to come from here to there or more content for YT I'm not gonna lie I don't watch twitch but am interested in game making.

Author — Alpha Cat


Good video, but I would suggest that the facecam is superfluous and unnecessary. Especially when you are trying to point to a button in the Godot interface, and we can't even see it because your 80% wall/curtain 20% human overlay is obscuring the view.

Author — MoogieSRO


GTX 760???

i used that graphics card for seven years before i updated this year

Author — Galomortal