NO HEALZ 4 U - SWTOR 5.7 Tactics Vanguard PVP

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who needs defensive cooldowns

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How did you use storm at the beginning when you're Tactics? I thought that skill what exclusive to the Shield Specialist at level 70.

Author — JDM Legends


how did you keep yourself from dying? I always get my ass handed to me in this game playing pvp with this class

Author — Andrew Straley


Ok so. As a Tactics Vanguard myself, I cannot ignore this.

You’ve got the understanding of spreading your dots with gut; that’s good. Everything else needs some work.

Never go into a battle without having your four stacks of Energy Lode, and your seven stacks of shoulder cannon. Never use battle focus if you aren’t going to completely burst down your opponent; this includes with shoulder cannon. That’s just going to be a waste of a good crit multiplier

Always pop your Hold the Line down before you jump in with storm. This saves you from a knockback. When you jump in and target someone, Neural Surge is what you pop off first. Then hit your battle focus. Cell burst is what you pop off followed by cryo grenade. This puts them in a stunlock, completely at your mercy.

Empty your shoulder cannons on them while doing your rotations between H.I.B(High Impact Bolt), Assault Plastique, Shockstrike, H.I.B again if proc, Tactical Surge x2.

Rinse and Repeat when your battle focus is off cooldown, and your stacks of shoulder cannon and energy lode are primed and ready.

Author — B & G Breakdown Podcast