Studio head shuts down Amber Heard's claims her role in 'Aquaman 2' was diminished

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  • ℹ️ Published 2 months ago

Walter Hamada, the president of DC Films at Warner Brothers, testified in Johnny Depp's defamation trial against Amber Heard that her role in "Aquaman 2" was not diminished because of Depp, but was always planned to be diminished because of a lack of chemistry between Heard and star Jason Momoa, as well as the editorial direction the film was taking.

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Amber Heard: because of Depp and Adam Waldman I almost lost Aquaman 2.

WB: Actually no it was because you didn't have any chemistry with Jason Momoa.



As an actor, I can say this has got to be soooo humiliating for her. Imagine presenting yourself as an in-demand actor only to be shut down by the executive of the company you are working for. And with a smirk at that. Basically saying not only were you not worthy of a raise, but in order to make you look good, they had to edit and re-edit the film. Yikes.

Author — ohsnapiam59


Due to his position as president of DC Warner Bros, and hence the IMMENSE amount of power that accompanies that title, this has been the most satisfying testimony yet for me. Plus he just absolutely nailed it, no vague responses, quick & very clear when answering. I mean you could tell he was like “this is preposterous, I can’t believe I have to f-ing clear this up”. I loved every second of it!

Author — Thea R.


The fact that she dragged WB in this just shows you how unprepared AH and her legal team was. She literally got her biggest employer to testify against her 🤦🏽‍♂️ … that bridge is burned to ashes

Author — _ MOEGREEN


Look at Depp when he is listening to this testimony. His eyes closed, and his head nodding to each word. Reaffirming to himself, I wasn't crazy, I haven't been delusional, her lies were not the truth, I wasn't wrong for refusing to play her game. This man was treated horribly by amber and because of his past with his mother he still irrationally felt that it was somehow his fault It was this particular Vulnerability That Amber Exploited. And you can see him trying to overcome this during this testimony. *Hugs Jonny* *comfort*

Author — Squirrel Trucking


Notice how he answers "yes" or "no"? No elaborate story weaving or extra add ons. This is an example of being truthful when answering questions.

Author — Donna W


This is a great example: You just can't go around claiming this and that about people, taking advantage of something unprovable. The lack of common sence is so strong in this woman. She keeps blaiming people. If they divorced peacefully, whe would have gotten more money and both of their lives wouldn''t be destroyed. So sad for Johnny - working hard his whole life, making mistakes, but not hurting anyone but himself, now has to go through this.

Author — Radoslava Mihaylova


This woman is so silly. She literally flushed her career down the drain out of stupidity. What movie company is going to hire her now, this is literally an embarrassment to her employers.

Author — Emz E.


Hating someone is like drinking poison and hoping the other person dies. Her hatred for JD is stronger than her passion for acting. She has now lost them all.

Author — Johnny Longshlong


If this case was not telivised, we would never know the truth about her lies.

Author — Hicham LDR


This has gotta be humiliating for her - basically having all these experts publically dragging your career and saying you arent at the level youre claiming

Author — Jinn


They should drop her indefinitely! She’s a terrible liar. Did she really not think they wouldn’t verify her claims?! Smh

Author — Sincerely Yours


she honestly just needs to stop this BS now, she's literally lost everything: respect, dignity and her career

Author — Shivani Kalair


I truly love the Testimony of DC President (further as “The big D”), pulled in by JD team.

What I loved about his testimony:
1) Short and straight answers. No wheezing or making up a long story. Straight to the chase.
2) Every time he says “NO” is truly remarkable. It makes me laugh so hard I can’t even imagine his level of frustration

Author — Justice Play


Thank God for this testimony! Amber’s claims are ridiculous!!! Imagine the company itself doesn’t represent her claims.. she said she begged them and worked and trained hence they rehired her. What a lie!

Author — Suzanne🌻


Imagine the president of the studio itself contradicting your claim to fame

Author — Jonathan Jovonovich


I almost feel sorry for her. Imagine finding out that you're a shite actress in this way.

Almost.... Almost...

Author — skinsleypieshit


I love this judge so much, she has been an absolute rock star while presiding over this trial.

Author — Alaffia Rose


Nobody's talking about the judge. She's polite, articulate and doesn't take any crap from anybody. Love her.

Author — Jahangir Chowdhury


Everyone knows she cannot act. She can't even shed a tear during the most important role of her life

Author — falisha shipman