DANDRUFF - The Permanent Solution Naturally at Home (Men & Women)

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DANDRUFF - The Permanent Solution Naturally at Home (Men & Women) 5

How to remove Dandruff permanently naturally at home. The dandruff treatment at home. The best way to remove dandruff at home.

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Dandruff is a condition of the scalp that causes flakes of skin to appear. It is often accompanied by itching. It is extremely common with over 90% people suffering from it at some point of time. It is mostly an outcome of dryness of the scalp and this is why it worsens in the winter. It can embarrassing at times. Dermatology says there is no cure known. But from my personal experience, I can promise you that no matter how severe your dandruff is it will rooted out with this miracle therapy which you can easily do sitting at home.

Dandruff can be caused due to various reasons. Using toxic hair products. Not shampooing your hair regularly. Milk products are missing your diet. Not oiling the scalp regularly. You are prone to digestive disorders. Even stress makes things worse. But don’t worry. No matter how severe your dandruff problem is, it will be a thing to past after you turn to this miraculous Ayurvedic remedy.

Below are the links to the exact ingredients required, handpicked by me.

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I wish you good health.
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Imagine this guy was your neighbour and every once in a while you turned up at his door being like, "bhai ye dekho ye laya hu super market se, healthy hai ya nahi batao Jara😂"

Author — omega


I followed this guy's prescription for dandruff since four months & it really works. This is indeed my permanent solution now. Thanks!

Author — Prithvi !


1. 3 tea spoons of curd
2. 2 tea spoons of lemon juice
3. 1 tea spoon of maha bhringraj oil
4. Pea size of camphor
5. Half tea spoon of borax powder

Keep it for 30 minutes
Twice a week will be good enough.

Author — Anand Bharti


Here's a detailed feedback.
I suffer from severe dandruff since i was 12 years old, now m 18, i have consulted two dermatologists in this time and have followed their medicine regime for one year each!
Thought dandruff Dissapeared but my hair lost their lustre and also grayed a lot, they literally started looking like plastic strings tht too white.
Last year i decided to quit these shampoos and tablets and yeah this time dandruff returned with much more frequency and i tried so many home remedies but nothing worked.
I applied aloevera, amla water, fenugreek paste, oil my hair extensively but nothing really worked. My dandruff is so severe that it comes up till my head, imagine how ashamed i feel while going outside.
So i tried this at end, it took 4 washes, i used to wash my hair with a gap of one day and my dandruff has gone completely though sometimes it comes back when i don't wash straight for 3 days.
But anyone wondering its authenticity or skeptical about investing in these items go ahead... it will be worth it.
Plus lustre is also coming back, and i even put tankan bhasma to the oil i apply on my hair.
I wash it either with cold water, chaach or axiom herbal hairwash
And mere 6-8 washes have made my hair as they used to be in childhood full of lustrous, graying is also getting reversed.Thank you soo much fittuber and ayurveda ofcourse.

Author — Ritika Rana 262


Glad to see when men start taking care of themselves to this extend. It's so important for not only individual but for their partners aswell

Author — Vrunda Ambardekar


Damn I only have one of these ingredients):

Author — Tunnerkillz


U knw I won't believe any YouTube channel after watching urs🤣😂

Author — Srilekha Y


Thank you Fittuber !! This works like magic... I had mild dandruff. In just 2-3 washes dandruff was gone ! I did not use the borax powder, still it worked fine ! ☺️

Author — vish. im


i hav dandruff for last 10 yrs
doctors adviced ketoconazol but it doesn't cure completely
now i tried this ayurvedic treatment and i am so surprised
it is really effective bro
thanku so much bhai

Author — alok saini


Please Bring back worst to best series bro .... We have tons of topic to cover

Author — subha cini


I just wanna say one thing ....that which ever problem I face the second day I find a soln for it on ur channel

Author — Tilak Singh


Plss review vedix products which are now a days advertising every where and claiming it natural anti hairfall product

Author — Soni Rajoria


Guys go with his recommendation my dandruff has gone if not totally but 90% in just one wash.
Keep it up buddy
Thanks 😊

Author — Sudha Gupta


Hi Bro.. Excellent video.. thank you so much, one request from me..please make a video on how to cure scalp psoriasis.. almost 10 - 15% of the world population suffering from psoriasis, please make a video on it..

Author — Hari Krishna


Thank you, reduced dandruff by 50 %, just after two time application.

Author — Sahana P D


The lucky 10% that don't have dandruff!

Author — french branch


Hi (Fit Tuber) Vivek, the Mama Earth coupon you posted is showing expired now, could you ask them to update it?
Thanks for your video! :-)

Author — Aaditya


In most of your videos, the links in the description redirects to the unavailable product....do u ever check that....ideas to baad me use karunga ... ingredients dhoondhne me hi Tel Nikal jata hai

Author — Ravi Kumar


Please give any suggestions regarding mucus formation in nose daily, mostly due to using milk products

Author — preeti sharma


""Sharing is caring"". Thanks a lot for making our lives better day by day!

Author — Sowjanya Ganduri