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The DNA Double Helix Discovery — HHMI BioInteractive Video 4.5
The discovery of the structure of the DNA double helix was one of the most important of the 20th century. In this educational video, explore Watson and Crick’s quest to understand DNA’s structure, and Rosalind Franklin’s key insights via x-ray crystallography.

Rarely seen archival footage is combined with interviews with some of today’s leading scientists to bring this Nobel Prize–winning discovery and all of its scientific implications to life.

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Author — Agent Blackbird


It seems like Watson and Crick just looked at other people research, and put 2 and 2 together. People like Rosalind Franklin deserve more credit.

Author — Nelitha Kulasiri


Who would actually watch this for fun lol

Author — Kailey W


10:58 that turn gets me every time 😂😂😂

Author — Bludbruv beats


The video is great and all, but I just can't stand the narrator host woman. Too over-dramatic. Her tone was actually distracting...

Author — BiWei Chen


I don’t have time for this put the speed at 2.0 lol

Author — Patrick Sullivan


The host has good genes and she is hot

Author — Douglas Raddi


I got my jeans from a yard sale for $2. What's up!



2019 Hylton High Biology Class 1/9/2019.

Author — Maroon Spider-Man


im in school right now watching this and have learned nothing

Author — Ethan Perry


First, and delighted about this wonderful history of the discovery of DNA.

Author — Adipatus


James has the most pink lips in the world.

Author — Denni


Thank you HHMI for making such amazing, entertaining educational material!

Author — Robin Barkes


Watson and Crick met in Cambridge, and using known information about genetics from Gregor Mendel's studies and Rosalind Franklin's now famous Photo 51 to determine that DNA is the main structure in genetics, and that it is shaped like a double helix.

Ctrl C and Ctrl V. You're Welcome :)

Author — sapnu puas


my teacher made me watch this and i want to kms

Author — Johnathon Martin


North Seattle College. Chem 121. 10/14/19. Pre-Lab

Author — Musical Acting MAL


The bit where all the bases came together in a double helix structure gave me chills!

Author — Michael Rosen


Jim, you are my they all stand on yours and Francis shoulders

Author — click4biology


Superb.. At the first time I like to learn about DNA

Author — Christeena Justus


Absolutely amazing and beautiful video! So happy I discovered it and what a joy to share with my biology students! Thanks HHMI!!

Author — Barbara Wilson