The DNA Double Helix Discovery — HHMI BioInteractive Video

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The DNA Double Helix Discovery — HHMI BioInteractive Video 4.5

The discovery of the structure of the DNA double helix was one of the most important of the 20th century. In this educational video, explore Watson and Crick’s quest to understand DNA’s structure, and Rosalind Franklin’s key insights via x-ray crystallography.

Rarely seen archival footage is combined with interviews with some of today’s leading scientists to bring this Nobel Prize–winning discovery and all of its scientific implications to life.

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Im here cause my bio teacher forced me to watch this

Author — Jonathan Lu


This comment section:
90% Homework
10% Critizing the video or Watson

Author — Agent Blackbird


Hey procrastinators like me, here are some important things in the video...
1:28 James Watson and Francis Crick
3:26 Protein v DNA
3:54 Oswald Avery
4:33 X-ray Crystallography
5:38 - 6:00 Morris Wilkins and Rosalind Franklin
7:00 Linus Pauling
8:01 Watson and Crick’s DNA model
9:27 Watson’s happiness
10:39 Rosalind’s picture
11:10 Crick’s realization
Hope this helps some

Author — Venomx16


im here cuz the virus shut down school and now i gotta do this for bio

Author — Baby 8oone


It sounded like a murder case narration to be honest

Author — Marianne


I, the almighty Biggie Cheese, doesn’t approve this video.

Author — Biggie Cheese


im in school right now watching this and have learned nothing

Author — Ethan Perry


Who would actually watch this for fun lol

Author — Kailey W


I'm glad I'm not the only one suffering with homework

Author — Your Fellow Queenie


honors bio vibes

gotta say i like the clips of watson but otherwise this really is more of a history lesson not a bio one

Author — line-maker


It’s sad how Rosalind Franklin didn’t live to see the results of her work and get the Nobel.

Author — Celeste Espitia


10:58 that turn gets me every time 😂😂😂

Author — Bludbruv beats


Watson and Crick met in Cambridge, and using known information about genetics from Gregor Mendel's studies and Rosalind Franklin's now famous Photo 51 to determine that DNA is the main structure in genetics, and that it is shaped like a double helix.

Ctrl C and Ctrl V. You're Welcome :)

Author — sapnu puas


Roses are red, violets are blue, my bio teacher sent me hear, and yours did

Author — fedup gamer


Rosalind Franklin’s betrayal by not recognizing her achievements and stealing her research . Both are crooks and not acknowledging that she was the pioneer and they took her credit by taking her Nobel prize. Shame, shame, shame.

Author — Frank Vizcarrondo


my teacher made me watch this and i want to kms

Author — Johnathon Martin


Great video, but quite unfortunate that Watson is a known racist and sexist in the scientific community. Shameful that someone so immoral made such a discovery. One more reason why we need to be mindful of minority student interest in science. We can't be turning select people away from learning the scientific method. Everyone should feel that they have a chance to succeed in discovery.

Author — Micael Maya-Peinl


It seems like Watson and Crick just looked at other people research, and put 2 and 2 together. People like Rosalind Franklin deserve more credit.

Author — Nelitha Kulasiri


13:25 when the crack starts to kick in

Author — Michael Cousens


13:23 WHOAA

*zap* *zip zap zap*

Author — Kailey Ramirez