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I work with metal for a living so the fakes caught my eye years ago, even some with real rust are kind of fake. it's really easy to make metal flash rust with simple household acids and flash rust comes off easily with abrasives or other household solutions. it really is a shame that genuinely talented people aren't more recognized but then again I guess it's really just about entertainment

Author — Brad Tellez


I love when it's something plastic and it looks like it's covered in rust

Author — BlueRipper15


Man I hate when my plastic earbuds start rusting

Author — Alec Colwell


I hate when my rubber motorcycle tires get rusty

Author — CamoV2


That's why I mostly watch the knife and blade restoration. Seeing guys in a workshop who have been doing this for years, and sometimes even use that same tool in a different video.

Author — SergantAnthony


I've been calling out a ton of these restore videos for years and people used to argue with me. I restore tons of items and it's very easy to tell the difference between artificially patinas and naturally aged items.

Author — GES Arts


My mechanics is by far one of the greatest restoration channels on Youtube...He even makes missing parts and parts to far gone for restoration...I'd 100% check him out...Plus he' s swiss just like me...Gives him bonus points...

Author — Dok-Do95


Oompaville is my favourite restoration channel. He restores my faith in humanity

Author — Vegas


If you want a real channel to scratch that itch, the obvious is baumgartner restoration, that dude is perfect, satisfying editing, well paced, tons of knowledge in his field, just a joy to sit back and watch someone be a master at something I will never even try.

Author — Rat King


glad backyard ballistics got the attention he deserves. he makes banger content, subscribe to him.

Author — Deluxe Zesty Scudbutter Surprise


I WILL SAY, Backyard Ballistics on here is 100% legit and his restoration videos are in no way faked. He shows the actual repercussions that rust and years of eating away at metal does to guns.

Author — Jason Todd


This always makes me kinda sad, because I for a majority of my life have been restoring things, and actual restoration is indeed beautiful to watch. That is, if you think me wandering around my basement and swearing at a bench grinder for hours on end beautiful.

Author — Lyster1ne


I feel better knowing the only couple restoration channels I watch arent on here

Author — Flag Friend


Backyard Ballistics is a genuine and real restoration channel that I really enjoy watching. Not just for his knowledge, but a process that is definitely do-able and interesting. The blueing process is also pleasant to see.

Author — Angrynood


My favorite restoration channel is My Mechanics. Watching him mill out new parts is strangely satisfying to watch.

Author — The Battle Rabbit


i like how every single primitive building channel is called primitive building, but they do more digging than actual building

Author — kiro


yeah I was away form the restoration videos for a very long time but yeah rust is like tooth decay for metal items and the last time i knew the air pod case and air pods are plastic so fake

Author — PinkKitten


my heart's breaking, thanks oomp. these are my favorite videos

Author — Sarah Farmer


I've been watching restoration channels for years too! I usually watch them to help me go to sleep, kind of like ASMR for me with the tactile sounds lol tysy tube, ladb restoration, and veradona are my favorite channels!

Author — Stephanie King


DO NOT treat blank guns like toys.

Author — SadToffee