History of Ghost Recon (2001 - 2019)

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History of Ghost Recon (2001 - 2019) 5

A full history of the Ghost Recon franchise. From the original game in 2001, up to the new Ghost Recon: Breakpoint.

Celebrate the release of the upcoming cooperative open world shooter by learning what led up to this pinnacle moment.

Join me as I detail each and every game, breaking down their development history, storyline, gameplay features, visuals, and their critical reception, all backed with each game's original soundtrack.

Even the smallest donations help me make these videos! (I record all of my own footage and need to purchase several old games for the footage)

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Thanks for tuning in everyone! I really appreciate the support. As always, this took a ton of time and effort, but I loved every minute of it. There's some games I never even had the chance to play before this project, so it was really cool getting to experience them for the first time. I highly recommend checking out these old games when you have the chance.

I'd also like to confirm that next month's video will indeed be the entire history of "Call of Duty." So keep your eyes peeled for that coming sometime mid October :) [Because of the extreme amount of time required for this COD project, my review for Breakpoint has been postedponed. Rest assured, I will get to it, but there's 16 COD games, each with multiple extensive modes, so my focus is 100% on that atm]

Author — Nick930


Believe it or not but ghost recons predicted the invasion of Georgia in 2008

Author — Blender Geek


I really enjoyed Future Soldier. It had many great elements and still holds up today in my opinion.

Author — Spoggi99


Future Soldier should have a proper sequel

Author — sonic053


"Breakpoint also removes the needless weapon scavenger hunt from Wildlands."

That comment aged well.

Author — Joshua Knight


I still play Future Solider in 2019, great game.

Author — Ryan Haysom


Would love to see a rainbow six history one after this one

Author — Nathan Hebert


the old ghost recon and rainbow six games were so damn good.

Author — Bob Declor


Does anyone remember SOCOM: U.S. Navy SEALs on the Ps2?

Author — Vικιηg


I really like wildlands. Can play with all the HUD assistance on and easy mode with lots of health if you want that but can also play on hardest difficulty with all the HUD elements turned off it can be a decent challenge.

Breakpoint is just the same ubisoft formula they've been using for all their games since The Division.

Author — Oodldoodl Noodlesocks


The first Ghost Recon still remains my favourite.

Author — L3ggy


For me GRAW on 360 was the true next gen experience. The red sky light, the sound (dynamic environmental sound design) the gameplay. Even multiplayer. I loved it

Author — Hallugenetic


Oh yeah, back then when Ghost Recon was actually a tactical videogame, look how they massacred my boy

Author — Laurence BlackDrain


I just don't know why they had to make it less tactical like classic ghost recon and turn it into division/farcry. Like ghost recon can be its own thing you don't have to shoe horn mechanics from your other games into this one. Its all set up for revenue clearly. They've really ruined ghost recon along with rainbow six, turning it into a mlg thing.

Author — Matthew Slaten


A lot of people missed out on how amazing future soldier was, that game was mad underrated, to me it was and still is the best in the franchise, the cover system was the best, the movement, the equipment, the weapons, the technology all of that was just excellent, future soldier was way ahead of all these other games back in 2012 and its standards still live up great in 2019, it still is hands down my favorite shooter and the online was remarkable, it was fast paced yet tactical at the same time which was great, I played it for like 4 years non stop, I'm just mad ubisoft never patched or updated the online so it can be a bit more fluent but they just stopped maintaining the servers, and the nice part about it was even tho you had a slow connection it would still compensate and still be fun, hands down the most slept on game, that game will forever have a special place in my heart, love the Review man, you brought back so many memories and you put a lot of hard work into this video, great job

Author — StraightOutThaGudda 4U


It's a shame how Breakpoint shut the bed, Wildlands was a great template

Author — saiyan ninjawarriorz


Future soldier, the music alone gives me that nostalgic feeling

Author — Maikeru Dabittsu


Breakpoint: Takes players out of their comfort zone and more on the defensive...
Me:*Walks into base *
*slaughters everyone inside solo*
Me: On the defensive, right

Author — L0NE FALCON


if they could just improve the driving

Author — BabaGamerGuy


Breakpoint has evolved into a Microtransaction Warfare title. You can one hit kill everything with your wallet.