14 Weird Ways to Sneak Food into Class!

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14 Weird Ways to Sneak Food into Class! 4.5

There is increased desire to chew something delicious during the lessons. But teachers are often against it. How to do it unnoticed, see today in our video.

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Author — deqo shiekh


I am so happy that my mom and dad gave me a full room of chocolates and candys

Author — Syed Anwerhussain


I'll try those and sneaking food into class it's amazing thank you for sharing this with us

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Ryan was a great 👍 morning and we had some fun with my friends tonight so I’m not going tomorrow morning but I’m just getting back from

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I also wanted to sneak candy in class 🍭🍭

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I was sneaking my cookie and i almost got caught! 😱

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Hi I am so sorry to be a big mom and she is not a little bit more fun with you and yes



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3:10 @triggered insaan should roast this plz plz 👊👊

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