Faces of Earth - Assembling America

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Faces of Earth - Assembling America 4.5

From the Pacific Northwest to the shores of the Atlantic seaboard, the breadth and scope of America is like no other place on Earth. Travel with geoscientists and explore how time and the forces of nature have shaped the continent and influence the life in the United States. Episode 3 of the 4-part Faces of Earth series.

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I took geology at CWU we had found where blue agets came from on the ancient river.

Author — Bradley Hannah


second time watching this. Fantastic piece! for the short amount of time they have it covered a lot of material and did a great job.

Author — dgmoocher D r


Wow! I never heard of an impact crater at the mouth of the Chesapeak!!! 🤯

Author — Anita4RDH


I remember Seattle in 1952, when my family went there for the World’s Fair. It was absolutely beautiful and wonderful. The whole city was as perfect as Disneyland.

It breaks my heart to see the terrible moral, political and criminal upheavals that are shaking it today.

If the Earth opens and swallows it up now, it will be because God is tired of lawlessness.

Author — Incurable Romanticist


I gave up. Just once I want a documentary that skips sensationalism and isn't yet another Intro 101 lecture.

Author — grodhagen


Due to the quarantine this is my lecture for the day. Playback speed 1.5x it is

Author — MlgSoundEffects


Or new volcanic eruptions,
could happen tonight.

Author — Tahoe Jones


There is NOTHING NEW under the sun 🌞...

Author — PAIRa DICE


I think it's pretty interesting how large scale processes like river delta formation can be accurately simulated using designer soils.

Author — Billy Willy


If you find this stuff fascinating, I highly recommend a series of geology lectures on the Central Washington University channel, which talks in depth about the Pacific Northwest geology. There's tons of new science being documented literally year by year.

Author — MariusVan


awesome...very enjoyable and educational...well done!

Author — SlowBut Sure


Millions of years ago! Spoken like you were there. Lol! All these scientist doing there science! What a joke.

Author — jack siscavage


Lo the intro .. By now Seattle has become a shithole full of crime & homelessness, and high taxes
lots of people wanna move out

Author — SpyingDutchman


Seattle is a great place to live? Knew it was an older documentary the second they said that. Besides that this was a fascinating watch.

Author — K A


I think the best thing about this video are the comments, so much great info!

Author — Seit Isetsoh


Seattle a great place to live LOL

Author — Ruby Honey


where can I get glacier outlines by date in dbase or svg or some other common format?

Author — Upgrayedd


Thank you for this video, AGI - a most informative 45 minutes.

Author — drcurv


15:44 "The Scab-land mega-flood flowed at a rate of 388 cubic feet per second." That cannot be right. Maybe 388 million c.f.s.?

Author — woodchuck306


Think they left a few zeros off their flow rate for the Missoula floods

Author — Harold Burrows