Faces of Earth - Assembling America

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Faces of Earth - Assembling America 4.5
From the Pacific Northwest to the shores of the Atlantic seaboard, the breadth and scope of America is like no other place on Earth. Travel with geoscientists and explore how time and the forces of nature have shaped the continent and influence the life in the United States. Episode 3 of the 4-part Faces of Earth series.

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9:58 I remember this one it shook my house

Author — Anthony C


"Mudfossil University" here on youtube tells it like it really is. Not for the squimish.

Author — Andrew Munchkin


"Long term monitoring" ???

In geologic time.

Author — canadiankewldude


24:05 Well that came out of nowhere! 😂

Author — Comoroo


second time watching this. Fantastic piece! for the short amount of time they have it covered a lot of material and did a great job.

Author — dgmoocher D r


Randall Carlson, google him to understand more about our recent and ancient past.

Author — Sueezedtight


I think it's pretty interesting how large scale processes like river delta formation can be accurately simulated using designer soils.

Author — Billy Willy


Thank you for this video, AGI - a most informative 45 minutes.

Author — drcurv


Mt. Ranier is 60 miles away from Seattle--Pompeii was literally underneath Vesuvius

Author — Tessa Rossa


Where’s Randall Carlsson when you need him?

Author — Anthropomorphic facsimile


The idea of mini quakes that we don’t feel that are going on all the time makes sense.

Author — poetmaggie1


Think they left a few zeros off their flow rate for the Missoula floods

Author — Harold Burrows


we visited Yellowstone and are aware of the great super caldera...

Author — granskare


[The loud shots from explosives have their source/cause - maybe - in real explosives...]

Author — Betty Bloch


I recall the song "~ ~` " Do you know the way to the Chesapeake Bay "" ~ ~ ` `She's a shaker

Author — Albert Mag


I gave up. Just once I want a documentary that skips sensationalism and isn't yet another Intro 101 lecture.

Author — grodhagen


Thank you " American Geosciences Institute " for sharing this post. God Bless.

Author — Thao Vu


This continent knows how to get around.

Author — Farside


8:35 I remember that one. I shook my house

Author — Beerrunner81


Michael O Just how much do you think can fit in a 45 minute video? They could get into more detail in future videos. This is an excellent video in the way it animates the geologic events so they are easy to understand. An introductory video like this has to deal in broad strokes.

Author — Jeff Bransky