Iran releases video of missile attack on US bases in Iraq

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Iran releases video of missile attack on US bases in Iraq 4.5
Iranian state television has released video of what it says is a ballistic missile attack launched at US military forces in Iraq. The Pentagon has confirmed that missiles were launched from Iran and targeted at least two Iraqi military bases hosting US military and coalition personnel at al-Asad and Irbil. The attack comes days after the US confirmed it killed Qassem Suleimani, the head of Iran’s elite al-Quds force. The Iranian Revolutionary Guards claim the attack was retaliation ‘in the name of Suleimani’ for his death

The Guardian YouTube network:

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Aliens be like: Bring some popcorn, season 3 is out

Author — Nagib Nizbrdica


Everyone is gangsta till you hear nuke sirens in the morning...

Author — Achraf Ben


One thing is sure that we never learn from history

Author — iSyK YT


US: "killed Soleimani"

Iran: "sends missiles to US base"

Youtube: Hurry!! Let's recommend it!

Author — Ctea Sailo


Who has transformed the Middle East, 10, 000 km away, into a bloodbath for years for its interests?

Author — One-Love One-Heart


WW4 will be fought with Sticks And Albert Einstein

Author — noelduggan72


Please don’t start a crush just accepted my proposal😕

Author — SUVAM ROY


109 brain damaged now from 0 to 109. LOL Wtf??? 🤣

Author — Hakeem Varasmi


Oh no, we are going to have another topic in our history books from next year.

Author — Danish Sheikh


Was this filmed on a Motorola Startac?

Author — Matt Stastny


Forget about this let's pray for the 178 that's have died today in the airplanes crash RIP 😢😢

Author — Flower 2829


beautiful sightseeing in HK, and now?

Author — Jason X


Sarah Palin can see Iran’s missile attack from her backyard

Author — Archangel _01


Such a chaotic situation for the cadets in there

Author — Chaman Magar


Did Mike Pompeo Say on Russian State TV that the CIA ‘Lied, Cheated, Stole’?

Author — Earth Man


Dam I saw in the news bruh they attacked

Author — Anuart Rubio


How is it ww3 ?? Y’all need to stop thinking that way “WW3” I don’t see other countries being involved lol just Iran and u.s

Author — Eddie Bro


Ohh.. My USA

Last time North Korea and now this!!!

Author — Kurt Harahap


Homie this is not Iran released this video the one who is filming it is an Iraqi guy who is yelling (be careful be careful) next time try to check your sources thanks

Author — ninja gamer


Strange... I thought New Years was last week?

Author — Oropher420