Destination: Breuberg and Veste Otzberg

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Breuberg Castle and Veste Otzberg lie in the southern part of Hesse, Germany, and both have an unbelievably complex history.

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Andrew: This time you have really outdone yourself. What a charming and professional presentation. And the photography is super. The castles should have your presentation as a slideshow for the tourists. I am not kidding.

Author — Bernie1927


Good video. I can imagine how much work it is to get all the infomation covered in one short video. Seems MrBorat3000 isn't used to watch premium content on youtube.

Author — MrCepstrum


The castle is called "Breuburg", the city below it is "Breuberg"... but, never mind ;) Today, the youth hostel is gone. Otzberg an Breuberg where enemies for quite a long time. So many stories to be told here, even some funny ones ^^
It's all just about 10km from where I live.

Author — MIGs Yesterchips


I'm from otzberg-lengfeld and after this videos I know more than before. thank you :)

Author — gsero41


Planning a trip to Germany next year. Just wondering what you think is the most interesting place that you have seen?

Author — Charles Huss


Hello im from Reinheim just 5000m away, we use the Hill of the Castle for Slopesoaring and hangliding with RC Gliders .
its a nice Place !

Author — Janosch Herzog


Wittness the sheep: 13th century lawn-mower-technology!

Author — HaploidCell