Carrie Underwood's Dramatic Transformation

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Carrie Underwood's Dramatic Transformation 4.5

Carrie Underwood made history in 2005 when she became the first country singer to win American Idol. Now, with 58 million records sold worldwide and multiple Grammy awards to her name, Carrie Underwood isn't just one of the most successful American Idol contestants, she's one of the biggest stars in country music. But beyond her career and financial success, this musical mom is also in the best shape of her life, looking even more flawless than she did over a decade ago. Let's take a look at how Carrie Underwood went from American Idol to total bombshell…

Country cutie | 0:29
American Idol makeover | 1:12
Meat-free | 1:55
Fruits of her labor | 2:28
Legs for days | 3:01
Arm secrets | 3:28
Pregnancy goals | 4:10
Triumphant return | 4:53

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You can't even tell she had a facial injury, can you?

Автор — The List


Carrie is one beautiful lady. Take off the eyelashes and shadow, put her back in jeans and a t-shirt, and she is a natural. I feel bad for her judging from the comments of some apparently jealous people.

Автор — Robert Silvestri


She literally looks the same, I knew she was exaggerating

Автор — Alexis Tejeda-Santacruz


I think she had plastic surgery and needed a cover story

Автор — Plant Based


I think she had a little work done and freaked out.

Автор — Jennefer Langley


Carrie isn't just one of the biggest superstars in country music.. She's one of the biggest superstars in all of music..

Автор — David Zonunfela


Personally I think it was a publicity stunt. Just saying.

Автор — Hilary Smith


To me I see nothing has been changed. Quite frankly I still think she looks like the same Carrie. If anything has been done I just don't see it. I think she's looks the same.

Автор — Debbie Smitherman


what dramatic transformation? she is same old same old...

Автор — MartinHCollection


40-50 stitches to face is alot and a bad bad cut, and idkn how she got so many stitches from a fall unless she feel threw something or got hit in a fight whitch I hope not!she felt uncomfortable w her scars so had plastic surgery, which yes they stretch your skin so your scars r gone, I no this because of a family member..she looks gorgeous and if she is happy we all should be happy for her💋...

Автор — Bobbi jo Rutan


oh for god's sake....this girl NEVER had a weight issue. This is the nonsense that leads people to eating disorders.

Автор — Brenda Nichols


If she has been so public about this accident, where was the trauma done to her face & where are the 40 stitches? The first time I heard the story she had 18 stitches, then it was 40. 40 stitches are a lot for the face that are invisible - depending on where they might be.

Автор — cynthia reynolds


Not the face tho coz there’s no difference

Автор — Nurul Sultana


Her face looks more feminine. That’s for sure. She pulled a Khloe Kardashian but she still looks great tho. As long as she’s happy.

Автор — Ms Tee


With GOD helping her all things are possible AMEN and he kept her alive praise be blessed!!!

Автор — heavenly8173


To me Carrie Under and Luke Bryan are the best in today's country music. But in earlier Country Music in the 2000's it was Taylor Swift and Carrie Underwood and Luke Bryan. Btw I didn't start Listening to them until the 2010's. Oh well. But my all time favorite country star before he died would have to be John Denver. He was before my time and a tiny bit after I was born in 1994. I didn't really start getting into him until my late childhood. He is one of the Greatest artists ever to live.

Автор — Jill durham


Oh who gives a crap. And Carrie is NOT a country singer. (not anymore anyway).

Автор — Airtouch67


Carry you are beautiful as ever style that way. Jesus loves you.

Автор — Marie Isaac


What injury? I see nothing except a possible cover story for plastic surgery. 😷

Автор — Lisa Almeida


The only difference I see in her face is her lips are noticably bigger. She's still gorgeous!!!

Автор — Sara Schmaltz