ALL NEW 2021 E53 AMG COUPE! Walkaround + SOUNDCHECK!

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ALL NEW 2021 E53 AMG COUPE! Walkaround + SOUNDCHECK! 5

First World premiere on our channel! The all-new 2021 Mercedes Benz AMG E 53 Coupe Facelift!
In this video, we will be having a walk around showing you the Exterior and Interior changes of the all-new Mercedes Benz AMG E Class Coupe 53 & will also have a nice 2021 E53 AMG soundcheck!😜

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Seeing the E53 you can imagine the look of the all-new Mercedes AMG 2021 E63!
Do you think there will be a 2021 E63 Coupe for the first time?
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Information about the Mercedes Benz 2021 AMG E53 Coupe 4 Matic for PetrolHeads:
It’s equipped with a 435 HP 3.0 liter 6 cylinder in row engine which produces 520 Nm of torque + EQ boost.
0-100 km/h (62mph) can be reached in 4.4 seconds.
The top speed VMAX is electronically limited to 250 km/h (155mph)

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Really sorry for the annoying wind noises, I was already using a microphone windshield blimp 😅
I hope you still enjoyed watching one of my favorite AMG`s from 2020!
The E53 looks much better than the Sedan & I hope one day we will also get an E63 Coupe! 😍
What do you think about this facelift? How do you like the all-new AMG steering wheel?
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Author — Mr. Benz


Is it just me or does it sound like this review is being given by Arnold Schwarzenegger 😂

Author — Michael Barnett


I can’t wait till BRABUS get their hands on this

Author — Lefika


I love this car! So elegant yet aggressive. Mercedes design language and balance, inside and out is top-notch!

Author — Marat P.


so this is from future? we are still in 2020

Author — mix3D-


Sad that they didn’t configure the Burmiester sound system in this fully loaded example.

Author — Larry Chen


Now thats a car !! Hats off to whoever designed that 👍🏻

Author — Mobile Disco Wirral


Now that’s what I called a “beast” model by Mercedes!

Author — Derric Lim


This car is insanely beautiful..and that sound!!

Author — matthew yorke


Two negatives:
1.They have removed an analog clock from the centre of the dashboard. Even if such decision was made they could have replaced it with a digital round display so that owners can display custom watch faces
2. The steering middle part where the airbag is, isn’t covered in leather like the bmw do theirs in 3 series - it would have made the steering wheel even more premium

Author — grandcalifornia


Love it I wish I had it since I am still staring life I would like to work hard ✌✌ and buy this awesome 😎😎🏆mercedes benz love it so much that I could even marry it😂😂

Author — Alvric B Ndofeni


Beautiful! Love the front grille and taillights

Author — Daniel Ng


Really hope that the Production Model will have the same sound, it sounds great for a 6 cylinder. Could give me hope that the Future AMGs still sound good

Author — El Chapo


This Mercedes Coupe is wonderful, looks superb, great tecnology, but as there will not come another S Coupe, they could consider to build the E 63 Coupe....



For all the crap like particle filter and sound reductions (thanks to EU) it is surprisingly good sounding!

Author — razorsedge82


Beautiful. Love the new grill and headlights. Not as much of a fan of the rear. All that said, still NO match for the AMG E63 S!

Author — Asif Husain


This Mercedes is more of my style that I totally love and want, Great reviews❣️💯

Author — Happy Daze


The plastics around the exhaust on all 53 AMG models makes me wanna scream. I hate that they do that

Author — JHK


Partly I were watching about my feeling, & now I feel all my feeling has put itself to watch in stead of everything of any thought

Author — Mina Nemr


Mercedes Benz E53 amg simplesmente magnífico e extraordinário em todos os sentidos com certeza 😍😍😍👏👏👏

Author — gilson varg conceicao