New coronavirus cases climb in Southeast states that reopened

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New coronavirus cases climb in Southeast states that reopened 3

CNN's John King looks a round the country at Covid-19 trends and sees that many states clustered in the Southeastern US who reopened early are seeing new coronavirus cases go up.
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It’s like a weather forecast but with the grim reaper

Author — whatsgoingon07


"If you look at this map, it is a map of sadness."
Why do I feel like this is gonna be the next meme

Author — drake walker


Coronavirus death passes

Reckless people: let's go to the beach and party

Author — Vegeta


The map shows Vermont cases increasing by 50 percent. Yea VT went from 2 new cases to 3. It is 50% but come on CNN...

Author — David Rose


Us people- we can go out again
Covid-19- hold my beer

Author — Mr Wrestling Hands


Is this what they mean when they say "The South will rise again?"

Author — AFKFTW


this man call his map "a map of sadness"

Author — fetalstirfry


*Sees red states*

“Hey I live there... OH CRAP I LIVE THERE!!!”

Author — Beerus Sama


Florida isn’t bothering to test a portion appropriately to keep the Trump low numbers. That will backfire shortly!

Author — Shannon T


I like the touch screen, very cool. No green screen lol

Author — TinnyTitan Grass


Texas down 50%? I wonder how accurate that count is seeing how 80% of the people that I know who've had it never got tested...

Author — Happy Dude


Where's Minneapolis going to be in a few weeks, is the question.

Author — Jan J


Just here for the comments. Cough it up folks

Author — Brandon Willis


Well they wanted open there you go. Covid is back.😢

Author — Elizabeth Guzman


Moral of the story after this epidemic is over: mAybe jUst mayBe doNt traVel tHe WorLd whEN yoUr sick wItH tHe fLU/commen sense people

Author — Quinn Eliza


I think we all know what’s going on and I think it’s shameful how reckless some people have been.

Author — Alex


When politics become more important than the facts. There will be shady things discovered in the future.

Author — yon blek


Arizona seems to be on green (nice). Our gyms are open, dog parks, salons, and most clothing store but it seems like we’re doing okay. It’s probably because of our triple digit weather. No one wants to go outside anyway lol

Author — Abigail Christian


They we're warned and people just go out and act like everything is over

Author — Donna Payne


I live in East Tennessee. All I’ve seen on the interstate in the last 3 weeks was cars from the northeast states! Y’all think maybe you should stay at home?

Author — Marco Cannon