Red Bramman Scales Up: Dragon Scout Ramp | Elder Scrolls Legends

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  • ℹ️ Published 6 years ago

Let the new decks begin!

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omg, mundus stone plus that lightningbolt is top tier skill fo sho

Author — Zombiehunter9x19


You showed amazing restraint with that lighting bolt BM. I'm glad you came out on top in that game.

Author — Billy Gnosis


Oh man. These new cards are so exciting to watch! 2nd and 3rd game were intense! Thanks for the upload.

Author — Wesley De Wit


Great video! Do you think you could make videos where you take the new premade decks and upgrade them? I'd love to see that and it would give players like me without tons of cash to spend a goal to shoot for.

Author — Seth Conyers


Loved the video Justin, good to see Ramp Scout with some new toys. Haven't played or watched any vids in a while cause I been on a Magic the Gathering bump but always happy to see you giving the business to Mundus Stone and Prophecy Agro Battlemage. Good Luck and Have Fun.

Author — Gruncle Stan


Great video and gameplay, as always. i really enjoy Dragon Ramp Scout as well. My win record has been great with this kind of scout deck, thanks to the expansion it really made scout more fun to play and some bits of undiscovered variations as well, Animal Scout, anyone? :))(Eldergleam Spriggan)

Enjoy the comicon, man. And grats again on the job.

Author — AzureDemon


I was rooting for you so much against that mage. Those new Prophecy Echo Praetorian bullshit are so damn infuriating to play against, its almost impossible to win against them without lucky Prophecy misses. Keep Scout in its glory!

Author — CooLT0531


amazing stabilization against that aggro! :)

Author — Maxi Schmidt


Hello justin have you considered to put in one soul tear to bring back paarthurnax, and replacing baroness with skeletal dragon?

Author — eriathorne


Wow man, Im so proud for you growing up to be a successful onkologist seeing that 2nd game, gg

Author — Yusuf Alkan


nice deck justin, but 2 questions: why not running skeletal dragon instead of shearpoints? also i#m kinda missing the dragon mould in such a dragon heavy deck^^

Author — Drachenlied85YT


I've been playing action mage with Aldmeri Patriot and Dragon Mound. It's not as garbage as it sounds and it's rather fun.

Author — The Ass of Eternity


Justin, what do you think about pretorian commander? It drives me crazy- it seems so op!

Author — Safa Farhoumand


I was shocked when I saw the 6 cost 3/3 that gives creatures in your deck +2/+2. This card is absolutely nuts! It is the definition of overpowered. Also, when you have that card, there is no reason to play that 4cost support that gives all creatures +1/+1 is there? What is your opinion on that?

Author — Benas Skudzinskas


hey Justin, great 3 games, scout ramp is my style of deck ... the second game though, 14:01 he/she plays Lightning Bolt to kill your creature all the while you have 3 hit points ? Am I missing something ?

Author — Adrian DS


Good game man. I was the prophecy bm :) it was a close game. Hope to see you on the ladder more.

Author — Nathaniel Wooddy


In response to your comment that playing aggro in a new expansion about dragons makes you boring Justin: I was excited to try out spellsword ramp dragon, crafted 3 skeletal dragons and everything. After game after game of getting crushed by cheesy echo and praetorian and 30+ prophecy decks I was forced to switch to aggro to win games. Sucks having to choose between playing a fun deck or winning

Author — Mike Patterson


similar to my deck except i run purple shout with charge bats and viper

Author — Michael Hudson


miss lethal in yhe 2nd game by the opponent. feelsgoodman

Author — Salvation


Would you still consider this game early in development? or a fully released game. to me it's great and i love playing it but it still feels lacking and i'm wating for more content. tbh it could just be the visuals making me think that.

Author — smallspore