Cuomo: Echoes of Orwell in Trump's push to make falsehoods true

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Cuomo: Echoes of Orwell in Trump's push to make falsehoods true 4
CNN's Chris Cuomo breaks down President Trump's efforts to push his Hurricane Dorian narrative, comparing it to George Orwell's '1984.'

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If I am a liar and I surround myself with liars them my lies become the truth!

Author — Fake President


"When everyone lies, speaking the truth becomes an act of rebellion."

Author — WikdSeafood


Fredo cuomo go take some steroids show how big of a mafioso you our.

Author — Lance Rexington


And Congress continues to do nothing under Pelosi's non-leadership.

Author — B Storm


This isn't about the facts, this is about the ongoing war between Donnie and the media. I need more popcorn - MAGA!

Author — Marlon Mudzudzu


"Chosen One" Trump can change the course of the Hurricane.


Author — LibHunk


Poor Fredo he tries so hard, but he epitomes the Fredo character to a T.

Author — joe stalin


come on Freddoe your the one who needs to say sorry you pettycunt

Author — nickyoung1961


Hey Fredo the Thug, Orwell's '1984.' was actually a prediction of The Do Nothing Party's corruption. Don't believe me? Look up the part about Big Brother and how it correlates to what Obama did.

Author — spaxxed


Yeah, sure Fredo. If you want some Orwellian examples how about the way that CNN actively pushes social media overlords to censor conservative independent viewpoints on Twitter, YouTube, etc? How about US citizens being denied bank accounts because of their political viewpoints? How about politicians who tell the public they must reduce their carbon footprint while they themselves fly around in private jets? How about news channels being taken over by left wing lunatics to serve the interests of the elites? CNN has been reduced to a pack of whining jouranalists.

Author — Ned Walport


Make the lie big, keep it simple, keep saying it and eventually they will believe it' is quote from Nazi propaganda chief Dr Joseph Goebbels.

Author — Windsor Castle


Fredo is the #1 reason Trump will be re-elected in 2020

Author — Richard Rudolph


Brilliant reference to Orwell. This should resonate, it does resonate, we ignore it's meaning at our peril. Speak truth to this powerful knucklehead.

Author — Ohthehumanity


It wasn't fiction when Orwell wrote it. It has ALWAYS been true.

Author — Ramiro Rodriguez


Pot calling the Kettle Black. Chris Cuomo where is your News relating to Andrew Mc Cabe.

Author — liam mt


Trump: The weak man’s idea of a strong man...The poor man’s idea of a rich man...The stupid man’s idea of a smart man...

Author — Brian Walsh


Fredo is becoming a better comedian by the day!

Author — Richard Dixon


Think I'll have pasta with Al-fredo sauce 😋

Author — Oscar Gonzalez


Cuomo, you exaggerate and certainly you promote hate.

Author — Samim Cassis


I wish someone could sharpie someone else in the white house. The tangerine toddler has got to go. Individual number one is full of number two.

Author — gbj4063