MSR Elixer 2 - Review

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Today we are taking a look the MSR Elixer 2 and sharing our thoughts on this tent!
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You sold me, ordered from Amazon today thanks for all the info this should be good for long distance walk in Scotland come October.

Author — James Douglas


Brilliant review, I really fancy one, I’ve got the Vango Halo 200 Pro but this looks good.

Author — Wild Camping in Scotland


Awesome info, looking at getting one to use here in New Zealand, cheers

Author — raukumara ranger


Nice job! My wife gave me this tent long and I haven’t used it yet! I had no idea it was such an awesome tent! Thanks for the video!

Author — Precision Finish Carpentry


I bought this tent when it first came out, (How long ago was that?) its great for one person, bit tight for two, with bags, boots, kit

It was good just for me

I bought better pegs, the ones supplied are really lightweight

But it's made of very lightweight material, nylon, so stay away from a camp fire and embers, it may not go up in flames, but you will end up with holes in the tent, dont think you will be cooking in it

The poles are really flimsy, they will break at a join, I had to get two replacements, aircraft grade this isnt, the elastic can and will break at some point, carry a spare

Make sure you use at least one lot of pegs, its very lightweight and it will (and did) blow away

The footprint is another really lightweight, but it does stop moisture coming in

It is lightweight, but for me its not too good (just my opinion though)

It had been so long since I put mine up, I forgot how to do it, so thanks for the run through

Author — pepsi666


Thanks man ! Great content for your video. Just bought one for bikepacking in France !

Author — Luc Dessaux


Excellent and detailed review; thanks for all your insights. While you did note that 6 pounds is heavy for a backpacking tent, it's great if you're splitting the load with a companion. Three pounds each puts this tent almost in the UL category but with the added benefit of tougher materials.

Author — D Scott Poe


steak the footprint and tent and then insert the poles on one end, you don't need a second person to install it

Author — vasile gherasim


I just got the Elixir 2 a few days ago. I set it up outside my apartment to spray it with Nikwax and I already love it. Can't wait to try it out on my next adventure.

Author — Adventures With Becket & Xena


Does someone know if its ok with rain? And wind?

Author — Jana Jana


“High quality aluminum poles”?? That’s kinda like saying, military intelligence... I’ll spell it out for you, it’s a oxymoron. Also please stop making videos

Author — Rick Wilcox