OSHEA VS LUNAR C | Don't Flop Rap Battle

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The battle that needs to happen still is shotty vs lunar..

Author — DanMorzeTheInspecta


" I was gonna let him live, but he started talking about muslim in my town and that's harsh.. and you know I'm religious with this shit so i can't allow a wack bar (allahu akbar)" - Lunar C arguably the best flip I've ever heard

Author — DRAMAKIN9


i always feel bad for O'shea when people start hitting him with personals and he just looks down and his smile slowly fades away...

Author — Brian Warner


"…everyone makes at least one mistake, but I'm adamant even (Adam and Eve) I wouldn't trust this snake. "
Bar of the battle

Author — Joe Andrews


Nobody should say "It's mum joke time" ever again, Pedro has earned sole rights to that set up for life...

Author — Luke Wigley


Oshea's first was actually sick, he was never going to get the reaction lunar was, but tbf some of the bars lunar came with were fire, allow a whack bar, Adam and Eve bar, too sick.

Author — xSeannHD


‘he downgraded from yay to wiz like amber rose’ lmao lunar bodied him with that bar

Author — hdspade


lunar literally murdered him, i have never seen oshea being so uncomfortable

forreal tho

Author — Yahzen2


Bought the PPV but that 'allow a whack bar' still gets me

Author — Michael Largey


im adam and (adamant even I [eve and I]) even i wouldn't trust this snake. jesus christ thats a bar, triple entendres are my favorite

Author — Snuff film


"Your hairline's so far back, it starts at your ass crack" 😂😂😂

Author — Burt Lad


Honestly think Bloodstro took this 2-1. His input in the first round edged it for me

Author — Dovey161


As a KP that "splash on her belly like she ran a tap on a spoon" was the bar of the event! True shit!

Author — Bodybagism


"He killed it, didn't he the cheeky twat" lol Superb!!!

Author — Dougaldinho Fishdinho


Two great entertainers, if only this battle happened when Oshea was in his prime, it would have been a lot closer, Lunar C won but the fans were hyping him too much tbh

Author — H 1925


‘u have the swagger of a darts player’🤣🤣

Author — Michael S


28:00 pause at 28:03 that timed breath he takes before he spits his lay the pipe down bar, shows you how prepared they have to be to actually do a battle. This is a talent and Lunar C is one of the greatest at giving a overall great performance.

Author — Erik Gonzalez


Take a drink everytime Oshea pushes Lunar C

Author — xXAdam-LFCXx


Lunars bars get me every time no matter how many times I’ve watched

Author — Daniel Ben


" my parents told me not to through stones coz i live in a glass house"

Your parents told you not to through rocks coz u live in a crack house

Dead 😂😂😂😂😂

Author — King Vesta