Syria: Russian sappers and Uran-6 robot detonate IEDs in Aleppo

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Syria: Russian sappers and Uran-6 robot detonate IEDs in Aleppo 5

Russian sappers continued to clear residential areas of eastern Aleppo of explosive devices on Wednesday, after a big land mine was found in an old truck in Bustan al-Qasr.

The area was evacuated after a group of sappers from the International Mine Action Centre found a tube filled with 300 kilograms (661 pounds) of TNT that was controlled by radio signal.

The Head of the International Mine Action Centre of the Russian Armed Forces, Igor Mikhailik, stated, that, "with the help of special equipment the radio signal was muffled and sappers neutralised this explosive device."

He noted that, "the vehicle was prepared as a ‘jihad-mobile,’ placed in a densely populated area and was designed to be blown up during the afternoon, when there is a large number of both cars and local residents."

Russian sappers continued the mine clearance operation in residential areas, while the robotic Uran-6 complex inspected the city’s outskirts where it detonated explosives.

The squad of the International Mine Action Centre of the Russian Armed Forces arrived at the Hmeymim airbase in Latakia on December 3. The group reportedly includes specialists that previously took part in mine clearance operations in the Syrian city of Palmyra.

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Excellent job Russia!Never saw americans helping civilians.Only arming terrorist

Author — SeaLife TT


Over 100 nations conspired to destroy Syria and tear it apart. Among the aggressors, United States, Israel, Turkey, Nato, Saudi Arabia, and the Gulf tyrannies and vassal Jordan. Thanks to the fraternal aide that Russia gave to the secular and popular government of Bashar Assad of Syria, this international war of aggression failed. God Bless Russia.

Author — Tahuan Tinsuyo


Thank you, Ruptly TV. You're having a lot more English subtitles these days. Very helpful and makes the videos easier to share on social media platforms too.

Author — suzan z


beautiful work brave comrades of the Russian Federation. <3

Author — doublekatana95


Good democratic rebels mined Aleppo, which would be safer for civilians lived. Evil and bad russian neutralize mines, thereby killing democracy in Syria.

Author — Чен Чен


Incredible how that robot can take those mine hits with no damage taken.

Author — L Brown


Your de-mining efforts will save alot of lives! Well done Russia!

Author — honour123


Awesome job Russia! Although, at 02:47 the Uran-6 appears to have missed a couple of strips...*overlap* your previous cleared section to ensure it is done completely.

Author — Steve Arthur


Доблесть, Отвага, Дух! Слава России, Демократии и Правде!
Приятно читать адекватные комментарии иностранцев! Мир!

Author — ХАТА


Anyone noticed that the UN forces never do anything like this in Syria?

Author — ED DE


Thanks are true peacekeepers

Author — Jamil Emambux


looks like they place those boms explosion looking small lol

Author — escrebajado12


United States of America Military used to have mine sweepers, not sure why were not using them?

Author — Enquiry News/ Felkins Works


The Uran-6 is a modified version of the Croatian MV-4 Mine Clearance System from DOK-ING and built under their licence.
Funny thing: The US Army uses the same system from Croatia.

Author — torcid


good job russia.
russians are strong people.

Author — The New Davinci


estan bien locos los rusos, megusta su tecnologia militar

Author — Ervin Ronaldo Jimenez Zacarias


Legend will say, Trump will need of those at the White house after Obama leaves!

Author — Abdi Mustafa


We need more and more and more of these things. Much more. And we need to unmanned things - send the program with route and forget of robobabies - they will do all the work together without eye control of sappers. That's will be wonderfull. By the way - it;s already good test of machine.

Author — Alex Zailen


сапер путает джихад-мобиль с шахид-мобилем :)

Author — Vuoksa K


I do not know what's going on, but it is very foolish to support Bashar al-Assad, who 16 years on the throne, and his father was on the throne for 29 years. Especially in this war, not two sides of the conflict

Я не знаю что там происходит, но очень глупо поддерживать Башара Асада, который 16 лет на троне, а его отец был на троне 29 лет. Тем более в этой войне не 2 стороны конфликта

Author — Konan Konan