U.S.A has almost 100,000 virus cases - more than China - what next?

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U.S.A has almost 100,000 virus cases - more than China - what next? 4

The $2 trillion economic stimulus bill designed to respond to the pandemic has tonight been approved by both houses of Congress and will now go to President Trump to sign into law.

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Mexico....''Build the wall, build the wall''.

Author — Martin D A


The coronavirus has more freedom and rights in U.S.A. That's why.



Mexico: ill take back what I said about this wall

Author — hihfsd - hihf_d


Usa has so many many weapons guns bombs...
But it doesn't have gloves and medical protection!!!

Author — Miguel Garcia


Congrats USA! You again topped the list of stupidity. Keep it up!

Author — Lawda Ka Baal



Please hurry up, build one on each border against Canada and Mexico to keep them safe from Americans.

Author — Pot Ate Toe


"a lot of good things are happening " WTF

Author — Simorghe Atashin


USA is the Real Sick Man of Earth now.

Author — Maggie


Well.. I guess now Mexico do wanna pay for the wall, voluntarily.

Author — Hao Cai


The cases in the US is at 244, 678 as of 04/02/20, less than a week when this report aired.

Author — Fort Detrick Maryland Coronavirus


The US is heading for a disaster. The scale of the spread is huge.
by the time they have 400, 000 tests done, they might have 1-5 million cases or more.
The spread of science denial, pseudoscience, conspiracy theories and a general mistrust of "the establishment" in the USA in recent decades is only going to fuel the infection rates. Ignorance and denial amongst some groups will further this.

If you add to that a ridiculous health system that is glacial in response times the toll will be huge. There will be a high casualty rate and many others caught up in the chaos will also suffer or even perish.

The one good thing about what I have just said is that it is an opinion and like all opinions, it is possible to be incorrect. I hope the USA avoids what I've said and LEARNS from it. I am watching from across the sea whilst I wait to see how my country fares.

the health of the people is directly linked to the health of all the people. care for it universally and we will all have richer lives for it...

Author — Graceymay74


2:45 who ever laughed, laughed in time 😂🤣😂🤣😂🤣😂

Author — Millyfade


I knew it! I knew America would be number 1. They always did!

Just one thing they will never number 1, soccer.

Author — D Mohd Edzhar D Harun


Well, my parents got their salary yesterday, they did not work too, our government told them ( stay home because your health is more important but we are still going to pay you ) so I guss usa first priority is money, not people 🤷‍♂️💔

Author — Jasim


Revenge of millions of Iraqi civilians bombed alive by US

Author — Azwad Ahsan


I'm so so so sad cause my mom is on america 😭😭 I want her to go back on PHILIPPINES I am so worry 😢😢😭😭😭😭😭😭

Author — Mæ Roblox


Virus Has got attraction towards Trump's Orange Tan.

Author — Zoya Shareef


wishing everyone in the USA and the whole world a speedy recovery from the coronavirus

Author — Aslam Bakar


Trump: economy first
People: we are dying
Trump: get over!!!

Author — بائع العرب


If feeling ill can stay at home, other healthy persons should have outdoor activities.

Author — Iris lol