Why a farmer is dumping 12,000 gallons of milk a day

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Why a farmer is dumping 12,000 gallons of milk a day 4.5
CNN's Rene Marsh investigates Per- and polyfluoroalkyl substances, or PFAS, and their effects across the US. The CDC says PFAS are found in the bloodstreams of nearly all Americans, and they have been linked to many ailments including liver cancer, thyroid problems and birth defects.

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And Republicans want even less regulation...

Author — Richelle Fisher


Getting rid of regulations is how this happens. But, capitalism is more important than human lives. Welcome to America.

Author — thebillis1


trump: This is just a hoax created by CHINA...but mexico will pay for the bills...

Author — Cesar Garcia


Where is Erin Brochovich when you need her?

Author — Bryan Halstead


At one time there was a EPA Now not so much, Trump making America polluted again! Oh thank you chosen one.

Author — J M


No, Trump said that the US has the cleanest air, the cleanest water. He is the chosen one, so he knows better, right?!

Author — Mia M


That's what you get when you allow money into politics

Author — haider hlsk


Well, Trump promised to cut regulations so this is the kind of thing that Americans should have expected.

Author — Mark Green


The Trump Administration: Suppressing the truth since 2016.

Author — Darrylx444


The First job of the government is to keep citizens safe. The first job of our government is to keep corporations safe.

Author — timber_beast


Meanwhile the US is wasting money on useless wars and trade wars...

Author — You Know


Bet the lady voted republican that lets companies poison the water and air.

Author — Real Christian.


The rich want you talking about race while this happens in the backround.

Author — Mar Vill


At least one American has realized the US is not a “first world country!” Evolution happens slowly.

Author — Caramelo


Notice all these companies give us this b.s. excuse that they invest so much money into solving a problem after they get caught messing with people. 🤔

Author — Izzy P


Trump cut the regulations to protect you from this. Remember that

Author — Jeremy Gregorio


Stop letting politicians with almost no scientific background be in charge of regulation for matters such as this. There really needs to be a separate branch of government or something with the direct power to have final say on such issues

Author — John Shirley


Donald Trump cut regulations to make sure his corporate political donors could be relieved of civil suits. America have always been about the Benjamins damn sure not the citizens.

Author — Bob Pen


Corporate America... this is a tragedy, and with the current Administration in charge, it will only get worse.

Author — Hammern28


Trump was actually bragging about how many regulations he’s rolled back or gotten ridden of entirely! 🤨👈🏽

Author — Anthony Smith