Brexit So Far: A Brexit Timeline

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It isn't fully clear to much of the country what has happened with Brexit so far. It's been nearly a year and a half since article 50 was triggered and negotiations began, but what progress has been made? We run through what has happened and what it means for the future of the UK

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You forgot to mention the time wasted with the snap election that made the Conservative party weaker and made them pay £1b to the DUP to be able to hold a majority in the parliament.

Author — M


How to dig an entire country into the ground: Print lies on the side of a bus.

Author — Robin Jacobs


Let Brexit happen so those wanting to leave will feel the full economic affect sooner than later. The shorter the feedback loop the better.

Author — lohphat


Brexit it is such a mess at the moment 😂😂😂😂

Author — Daniel Moir


Thanks this really helped giving me understanding on this

Author — H4RR150N


It would be nice to do an update now. Haulage and food industries are having trouble. Small businesses are also struggling. I would also like to know why we took so long to get the paperwork together too while the EU was ready.

Author — Andrew Dodd


Actually the EU did very little powerplay, it COULD have done damage, but it did not do so.... Most conflicts are between the Brits themself... The comments below show, there is some wanting for a Farage or Rees-Moog. And I agree, Brits are getting angry - well at least the hard Brexeteers... The whole point was: You want a hard Brexit, fine: Go to the EU and tell them... You want a soft Brexit, ok, a bit harder.... but go to the EU and tell them... Get a Farage or a Rees-Moog and it gets dirty... My fear is that it's then not a UK-EU think, but a UK against the reamining 27 thing.... If you copy Trump it will include name-calling, attack on nation leaders, twisting facts, creating a propaganda bubble, questioning the security cooperation (needed by all sides), f***ng buisseness as modus operandi and so on... Where is the upside, when you can ANYTIME just ask for a hard Brexit (then you are just out). That just has not to come with a Boris Johnson, a polite (and very British) letter is enough for a hard Brexit and was at every time. It would be suicide for the oeconomic, but if that's what you want, there is just noone blocking it with force. Ofc. we try to talk reason to you, but it IS your decision. Maybe the US will even help you a bit with the oeconomic consequences, I would not count on that, but hope dies last... Point is: I see the anger INSIDE the UK now and there is no way to say, if May will survive this. But if she does not, you do not need to destroy your relationship with continental europe, because you are so frustrated by the (self created) lack of progress inside the UK. The EU rules for leaving are pretty clear from the beginning, you just need to find out, what you want - well and what can pass the house.. There won't be ANY upside to dragging a hard Brexit out - if you go full out, there is not really that much to negotiate, . If you want to go softer there won't be ANY upside with choosing one of them either... You willl just end with crazy demands the EU can't accept and it will be just a hard Brexit after a complete unnecessery dispute... If you want to go soft, May might be the right person... Really, it's just something you really have to choose at some point in time... I know, you project the lack of progress to a degree on the EU, but lets be honest, it does not go forward, because the UK can't find a position that has a majority for the final vote... If I had to play nostradamus I would guess, if May falls, there will be a lot of agression directed toward the continental europe... It won't change the deal at the end, but it will destroy all the relationships between our countries. Well, since I am German I won't call it friendship, because, yes, the UK hates us (well not everyone ofc), but I will call it solidarity and partnership from the UK side and something like friendship from the German side... There is really absolute no need to damage this... Same with the other remaining 27... Make your chooice and go ahead I would say, we all know, The UK-EU membership was not ment to last forever. It's disappointing that you leave, but I have no doubt, Brexit will happen... I allrdy said, I think it's not wise, no point repeating it... Just leave in a British way... and not in a Trumpish.... After that over time I am pretty sure we will figure out where we can work closer and where you do not want that to happen. Unless you go full berserk now, because there IS some anger BOILING in the UK... Ok, this comment was way to long, short : No upside in ANY szenario to raise tensions, won't change ANYTHING for the better... And repairing relationships between countries is a nightmare... look Germany-Turkey... First insults, now we really do not talk that much together... you would expect better relationships with the stopped insults, but somehow that's not how it works... it's just silent now...

Author — Volker Marx


It will be great if you make a new video on Brixet timeline

Author — Mohamed Hashim


There’s 11 weeks to go and just as much uncertainty

Author — Hannah Pealin


Might have been a good idea if you'd published the book September 21, 2015.

Author — PatchesRips


I really doubt the uk will leave the Eu in March 29th 2019. Maybe March. 29th 200019.

Author — George


For me (a pro EU german) this hole Brexit thing is a bit complicated (also there are more pressing matters then an annoying island)
My had says to get the best, esiest and harmless route to brexit where both sides get only limited consequences - Britain stays in the trade zone
My heart says to make an example out of Britain and make them feel the pain of betraying the EU in its first major crisis and trying to jump the boot instead of contributng to finding a solution for the problems. For me it feels like Britain was only in for the money and benefits without taking any responsibility or actually contributing. They always wanted the "special island snowflake" treatment.
But that is only personal opinion.
Also its time for scotland to get independent and rejoin the EU :)

Author — Noobster


I'm writing a paper on Brexit and got a bit confused. The time-line seen on 5:33 shows both Brexit divorce bill and Brexit bill. Are they the same thing or are different? If they are different, then what's the difference?

P.S. I know there is a slim chance of this being answered, but I had to try.

Author — Amanda Barkāne


Wow, Britain's seem like they have a habit of getting angry & resigning.. doesn't that give up & only hurt their cause? LoL

Author — Rachel X.


Today is the 26th of October. The UK still hasn’t left & Boris Johnson is the Prime Minister 😂😂😂 it’s peak.

Author — Lufefe Ngilana


The way things look the UK could ultimately consist of just England and Wales. Enoch Powell was totally against the EU so the chickens have come home to
roost it seems.

Author — paul broderick


Forgot to say that May and the Tories stubbornly continue pressing on with Brexit, citing the referendum as 'the will of the people' even though current polls show that 60% people want to remain in the EU now. Will of the people my ass.

Author — Alpha Legion Astartes


Why talk about EU citizens in the UK but no mention of UK citizens in the EU?

Author — Brian Adamson


It's like asking if we want to race on slicks 6 months ahead of the race telling us the weather predictions (hot and sunny or rainstorm), then a fairly split vote for slicks but then on the day it's drizzling and just saying "too bad, we made the decision already, it's what the team wanted."

Author — B V


Announced by an incompetent and a totally irresponsible person. A disgrace. I associate his image with the monsters throughout world history, S. H. etc.

Author — Dan Alex