Set-Top-Boxes In JioFiber Welcome Offer: Mukesh Ambani

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Set-Top-Boxes In JioFiber Welcome Offer: Mukesh Ambani 4.5
Mukesh Ambani, chairman of Reliance Industries, at the 42nd annual general meeting of the company announced a slew of schemes for Jio customers ranging from landline phone connections to digital set-top-boxes under its JioFiber scheme. Jio Fiber enables a powerful combination of fixed-line connectivity and cloud applications leapfrogging them from no technology to having a complete line-up of cutting-edge, plug-and-play technology enabled tools. JioFiber will start its services from September 5 on the third anniversary of Reliance Jio, Mr Ambani said.

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"and dear shareholders, i also bought the government, cheers"



Now people are abusing Mr Ambani while using a Jio network. He's a businessman! They work for PROFIT. If you want to blame someone, then blame the government not him. These people worked really hard to get here. Remember, Modi wasn't always there. It has become fashionable these days to abuse any successful person. This isn't right.

Author — Peace Prevails


And also made people of India LAZY. Thanks for sponsoring political parties with your network.

Author — Kirak Chicha


the people who criticize him are probably watching this video on jio or another operator cheapy because of him.

Author — Ayush Mourya


It has for sure but the money used in it might not be white Money! I guess that.

Author — musikmadmusik


Congratulate for destroyed BSNL and public citizens doesn't understand public benefit and private

Author — mohd haroon


Birds are getting excitint due to your high frequency

Author — Ganesh Anirudh


Jo Ambaji ji ko ulta seedha bol rahe hsi wahi chutiye pehle bhagenge jio fibre lene 5th sept ko 😂

Author — RO M


Ek badi fish sab small fishes ko kha jayegi.... 🐠🐋🐟🎣
BJP can not understand it.

Author — Tanu Tomar


Employee of BSNL wrote this >>>>

I have been an employee of BSNL. I am of the opinion, that it is not any Government but Trade Unionism, work culture and corruption at all levels, which has destroyed BSNL and many other PSUs. Both employees and officers are responsible. I am not saying that there are no dedicated officials in BSNL, but I am telling that general work culture in a PSU is unprofessional. A Govt servant does not think that he is a servant of the people but he thinks that he is the master of the people. We had great opportunity to serve the country and also get good salary but we have wasted our opportunity. I am not telling that Govt policies are not responsible, but if employees could give very good result, no Private Company could replace us. One cause of unprofitability is huge staff and salary expenses but Unions will never accept staff restructuring. Importance of Unions will decrease if there only few thousand employees. Now there are about 1.5 lakh employees. Now, only total restructuring and professionalism can save BSNL.

Author — James skorpio


Trying to wrap my head around what he was referring to as "only marginal investments" 😕

Author — Saif Servaia


I am a fan of vodafone...though i thank this guy for making me stick to voda..he made vodafone to provide 3gb/day @569 for 84 days...thanks..

Author — Jaheer Mangalur


Reliance industries now become East India company.. modi ki Asirbad se..Abh Desh ki sarey property ka Dalal ban jaiga..bahuti khatarnak din ah Raha hai...

Author — korona virus


This is just phenomenal! India's growing at jetspeed!!!

Author — KavyaKriti


Congo 👍👍👍 but I really want to see a private defence/weapons manufacturing firm in India
2ndly plz move out of mumbai Bangalore Delhi make new hubs in different states so that every state grow well too

Author — Vishesh Kumar Yadav


Yes, we must thank Mukesh Ambani for that

Author — TheSun26872


God knows what is the reality of his wealth and how he did by moral murder of many corporations and blood sucking of the poor. But one day, this family will be punished by natural justice.

Author — gg g


People like you rich people are making richer by modi day by day but, poor are becoming poorer and loosing jobs.

Author — Lone Wanderer


Why the hell is your video format at 4:9 when every damn thing is in 16:9!!!! Shame on you ndtv!

Author — Samson Raj


Fact: jio provided very cheap internet access to people who weren't able to afford it, & thereby making other companies to fall thier prices too. Capitalism: one who provides better services @ lower prices, wins & gets profit; ppl who provide bad services at higher price, loose.

Another fact: how to spot an idiot who thinks capitalism is bad? One who cannot see the high grade of unemployment & poverty in pre-1990 liberalization era.

Author — amar barot