Most Annoying Alarm Clock in the World

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  • ℹ️ Published 12 years ago

My husband decided after 12 years that it was time to get another alarm clock. Not only did he get one that is huge and bright that even at it's dimmest you have to throw a blanket over it just to get some sleep, but it's also the loudest and most annoying thing you'll ever have the misfortune to hear.

This is the sound in our apartment every night as he gets up for work. Annoying.

Recorded on February 13, 2011 using a Flip Video camera.

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It sounds like it's getting ready for a massive bass drop

Author — Caleb Harding


I can totally relate to the sound of the annoying alarm clocks going off, I always hate hearing the alarm clock going off

Author — Doobie1975


I've had a clock that had this alarm-sound only it was extremely loud. It was very anxious knowing that I was going to wake up to that awful Yet now I'm downloading it because nothing else will wake me up.

Author — spjuit


I HAD that very same alarm when I was a student, many time later I still had nightmares with that I cannot tell you how good I felt when one day I threw that bloody clock against a wall :)

Author — cfmatias


I remember we used to get rotate several alarms everytime because we got so used to the sounds for long enough that we slept through it...

Author — Androvsky


thats an awesome sound. like a techno beat. id jam out in the morning hearing it

Author — Ronald Westley


I had one, too. If I forgot to disarm it and woke up early it would go off while I was in another part of the house and cause my skin to go cold I'd flinch a bit. All of my hate belongs to this alarm.

Author — mdrgfx


That is exactly how my clock looks but it's red and it makes that sound too ;-;

Author — Prabh Sangha


I have one that makes a similar sound. It is 80's vintage Emerson. The radio is supposed to come on instead but for some reason it buzzes also.

Author — Craigers22763


OMG I have that alarm!
Ugh my parents can hear it on the other side of the house!

Author — Stephanie Natter


My dog started barking when I listened to this...LOL

Author — Sylvia Slife


I have the same alarm clock, no lie. I feel your pain.

Author — TheDynamon


That's nothing compared to mine, mine blasts out a series of loud car alarm noises that could make an old person go deaf!

Author — Green Ghoul


i feel the need to make a techno remix with this

Author — Keith Winkler


I laughed at this video because the alarm was so annoying. If I ever hear that in the morning.... Let's hope I don't.

Author — Birtheus Thayo


Sounds like the intro to a Daft Punk song, I love it lol!

Author — LuMnOsITi


Sounds like its dying if it sounds like that LOL

Author — LunarNightz


This sounds like a robot that is making a siren

Author — Honey Bautista


That is the king of annoying alarm clocks!

Author — Chloe Grubb


That's the same kind I have except mine is red

Author — Charlie Annis