Kurdish forces bring in Syrian troops to fight Turkey

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Kurdish forces bring in Syrian troops to fight Turkey 4
The Syrian army began deploying troops on Monday to confront Turkish forces. Kurdish forces say the Russia-backed Syrian troops are an "emergency measure" after the U.S. announced a withdrawal from the region.

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Lol “butcher Assad” comes in to save the day

Author — Shane Fiftyfour


They were never real "enemies" you propagandists. The real enemies are the radicals that YOU support.

Author — Nineteen Sixty-Nine


"Why would Syrian army defend Syrian land, Mr Obvious?"

Author — M Infante


Even when your an enemy in the end of the day Syria is one. Assad will not let another country take of the land.

Author — love life


It’s almost as if we left our Kurdish allies in a bad situation 🤔

Author — Caleb Bouziden


I could have told u guys that the US was going to betray u in the end. History repeated.

Author — John


Fun fact: Most of these terrorists died couple weeks after...

Author — Bünyamin Albayrak


"Long time enemy : kurds" wtf does that mean bro

Author — mark v1


“Long time enemy” LMAO Syrians don’t hate Kurds.

Author — fpsSYRIA


Looks like Syria avoided division after all. Well done 👍

Author — Frenchkisssss


Wow! Serious twist to the complexity of this battle field. Bashar Al Assad saving his own territory really, I really dont think it's to save the Kurds.

Author — A. Barbarian


lol they died without fighting under bombarment last time in Afrin.

Author — Mehmet Yok


The compassion shown to the Kurds from President Assad and the Syrian Arab Army is commendable.

Author — Steve Ez


It’s so sad to see the Kurds having to try to defend their land because the USA ditched them.

Author — Angry Socialist


He’s been hiding that picture of bashar just dug it bak up

Author — Ben Dover


The enemy of my enemy is my enemy's friend? looks like Assad and Putin are more than happy to help the Kurds

Author — Fernando J


This is like call of duty modern warfare 2019

Author — Zack Scott


Now Putin has complete control of syria

Author — no u


I've not heard of many instances were the Kurds and the Syrian army have fought one another, so I wouldn't say they were huge enemies. Turkey on the other hand, they despise the Kurds and have been supporting ISIS since the beginning of the war. Heck, I'm hearing rumors that they are using ISIS to attack the Kurds right now.

I've heard some strange statements, by the Kurds, that US forces told them to destroy all their defenses along the boarder with Turkey and I'm wonder what deal Trump made with the Turks. Are the Turks going to escalate a war with Assad or is Trump in on a deal with Syria and Russia? I don't really know because I'm not getting any real news on this situation!

Author — Leigh Foulkes


The jelly will set in due as it is! Who’s who in the zoo will come out in the wash! The joys of world politics! The war machine is always hungry!

Author — Sick In the Guts