100 Most Creative Street Art

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100 Most Creative Street Art 5

100 Most Creative Street Art
The attitude that art should be seen only in galleries is on its way out. This huge collection of creative street art will show you that city is probably the best canvas! Every wall, fence or column could be turned into an art piece. It brings smiles and raises eyebrows. It is closer to people than the best painting or installation shown in a art gallery. However, at the same time, bad street art can ruin a very nice downtown building making all neighborhoods seem run-down and uninviting. That’s why there will always be a debate whether it’s art or vandalism. Now take a look at these 100 examples of creative street art. How can something so beautiful and creative be a crime?

Do you think these are art or vandalism? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section.


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I need to know where these places are °^°

Author — bunbun gaming


Hi person who is about to ignore my comment. you will never know that I wish you a great day

Author — Jeron Ragoonanan


I can't even draw a person, I just draw stick figures. ;-;

Author — Riley Tomeldan


Hi person scrolling through th comments🤗🤗🤗❤❤🤗🤗🤗
Just wanted to let you know to have a great day😁

Author — Kambrya M


This street is fantastic, people can be so creative

Author — ItzCat 51


Amazing art that needs to shown every where. This is not vandalism, this is art that truly comes from the wow, keep going and NEVER stop!!!!

Author — Lost Connection


I wish I can draw like that... my drawings look like it got hit by a truck 😭😒

Author — Jaro the Werewolf


Me: wanna see my drawings?

Friend: sure

Me: *shows drawing*

Friend: is it a horse or a dog..

Me: it's a person...

Friend: ....

Author — MeME ReVIew


W O W this is Art. We need more of these beautiful creations, keep the dream alive! 👌🏼 💜

Author — devolutionone *


I thought the seconde one was a titan of attack on titan😂

Author — MDC Fr0z3nl4dy


Such amazing art. They need to be appreciated.

Author — Sujadha Agarwal


Friend: can i see your drawings?
Me: sure, i guess.

Friend: why is there gore?

Me: you are the reason why i dont let people see my drawings.

Friend: ...

Author — rafael jr W o r l d


5:00 This must have taken ages to complete, kudos to whoever did this beautiful piece!

Author — WolfDogamer


My head is both in awe and confusion though these art works. Seriously, artists are so damn talented

Author — KingCodester111


You have a artist running around making amazing art

Author — Aper Dayup


I thoroughly enjoyed this video. Just wished I knew what city each picture was from

Author — Dream Chaser57


Absolutely stunning works of art. I am glad there are so many creative and skilled people out there who are capable and willing to share their magical visions with us. Thank you, street artists. You make the world a brighter place❤

Author — Mai britt Lisborg


I would have been sitting down FOREVER trying to see if it's real. Like: Kicking it, trying to talk with it or even tell it to sub to funny pig! 😂😂😂❤

Author — Yesenia Benitez


I would have them come paint my house!! Covering it with such talent I would be honored!! :)

Author — Kathryn George


The amount of talent and skill shown through this art is amazing.

Author — Madison LeCong