Rainbow - Since You've Been Gone

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Rainbow - Since You've Been Gone.

Taken from the album 'Down to Earth', released in 1979.

The official Rainbow channel on YouTube.

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I was a black nerd back in the 70s and 80s. Watching Star Wars and listening to hard rock. I got teased mercilessly. Today I am comfortable in my skin and happy to say that this is one of the many songs I blasted on my boom box instead of rap LOL. I have zero regrets. This song is sheer PERFECTION!!!

Author — Tim Ellerbe


Graham Bonett: the best short-haired rocker ever!!

Author — Dave Howell


Graham's one of the most accomplished, underrated vocalists ever!

Author — JOHN Dimon


Funny how Rainbow used to have Jim Carrey as their lead vocalist

Author — A Differentkindofanidiot


It's a shame Ritchie was more concerned about grahams hair length than appreciating what a fantastic voice he had

Author — marc johnson


Wow, at 82 years of age I still love these songs.

Author — john smith


Always enjoyed playing the bassline to this tune, it just never seems to get old, its not complicated, its just a fun tune when your with some quality musicians that can jam!!!!

Author — Jim J


I might only be 16 so I wasn’t alive when this music was released but the sounds and instruments make me feel nostalgic guess that’s what good rock can do to you.

Author — Sam Mitchell


One of the 10 most underrated songs of the '70s.

Author — Kevin Kneeland


I worked with a fella called Kevin in Brentford who loved this song. The song itself is very good.

Author — Mark O'Neill


This brings back some memories of screwing up the synth section infront of a croud :, )

Author — Macks


And that, boys and girls, is how to BELT out a tune.

Author — Phil Grossman


Graham Bonnet is an incredible singer!!! His vocals made this song!

Author — Mister Bee


Gumdrop pop as it was, it's still my favorite Rainbow song. "Man On The Silver Mountain" is a close second, but of the non-Dio Rainbow, this is tops.

Author — Todd Wall


Graham Bonett's enunciation gets me every time. You can understand every word. Credit also goes to the producer who did not bury him in the mix. Classic!

Author — kent Mcquillen


It's amazing I haven't heard this song since I was a teenager but still remember every word to sing along, quality music never ages...

Author — Bushcrafty Bert


I was taking bass guitar lessons back in the early 80's at a local music shop, one day the owner said he had a special treat for everyone who was taking music lessons and to come to the studio he had in the back of the shop on a particular day. So on that day I went out of curiosity to see what was going on, Rainbow was there and they did a live performance for us, they put on a great show and it was cool to get to meet them!

Author — Predator784


This takes me right back to my teens, and I couldn't love it more. What a sound and what a performance!

Author — Virpi Selin


for gods sake. why on earth can't we have decent music like this these days. I'm in my prime listening to and watching all this.

Author — Janet watts


I'm 65 years old, I remember when this tune was on the radio . I love it !

Author — LeRoy Wolff