My Weekly Grocery Bill in Barbados (With Receipts!) | Life with James

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My Weekly Grocery Bill in Barbados (With Receipts!) | Life with James 5

Hey Hey! So I decided to share a little bit more about how much things cost in Barbados. This is just one example, so please let me know if you'd like to see more like this!

1. I usually shop at Massy and Cost U Less, so these prices are based on what these stores offer. There are other options on the island, but shopping at these stores is most convenient for me because they are both really close to where I live.

2. I'll sometimes pop into Jordans (if it isn't crowded) because there's a branch also really close to me and I'll go there if I need one or two items and I don't feel like driving very far.

3. Also, being from another country, while I do buy a LOT of local products, I also buy items that I'm used to and brands that I recognise. Imported items tend to cost a lot more.

Also, at 7:06 I said "my total for the month" but I actually meant my total for the week. 🤦🏾‍♀️

Keep well xo


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If you've made it this far, you're a gem and I appreciate you. ^_^

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Please post more of these... Im doing the 12 month visitor thing ... The last time I was in BB was 2014... I found it to be really expensive....
but maybe you can do a video about the different neighborhoods??

Author — Maurice C. Jones


This info is great. Thank you for sharing. Would love to learn more about monthly costs re mobile phone/SIM, rent, and utilities.

Author — CAn Di


Love your content, Jamie. I don't know if you've done a makeup tutorial or a GRWM video but if not, it would be amazing because you totally glow 😊

I am with you on the danish - such a weakness for me lol.

Author — Giselle Duff


When I was growing up here in the sixties, we used butter to bake with. I think the younger people did learn how to cook an bake the right way

Author — Shirley Ollivierre


Hello, this is very nice information. Thank you very much for sharing this.Please can l have your number l have some questions to ask as its personal before l make decisions of coming to Barbados with my family. Thanks a lot

Author — Iyabo Amusa


your information is very helpful, keep up the good video.

Author — maxx420420


I'm from New York, this doesn't seem more than what I spend on groceries here. Especially taking in mind the conversion rate. This is somewhat reassuring. Helpful video!

Author — KiminBim


Give thanks! Is there a secure website or place to find housing in Barbados?

Author — Kari


Geez I only go Massey when I really have to...otherwise it's the market vendors I only like Short women 🤔🙈

Author — Romeo Montague


You're too classy. Massy at Sunset Crest seem to recruit their staff from modelling agencies. When I'm in Barbados I shop at Price Lo in Sargents Village.

Author — TLG


Go to popular on Wednesdays it's easier to shop on that day

Author — Tonya Perch


Hi, those supermarkets you go to are very expensive please try popular discount .

Author — lemar gasskin


You should remove your card number before displaying your receipts.

Author — Deborah Lorde


Keep outta massy an cost u less sweet girl let me take u shopping I won't mind helping u save

Author — fabian chaplin


Hello everyone! :D
You said $219 total for the month. But then you said for the Week! WHICH ONE??
O.O OMG $900 a MONTH in groceries??? O.O for ONE PERSON???
it's insane! How??

I think we pay $90 here for two people. Yes $90.
We don't eat any of the things you eat though.

Mostly eat rice, fresh vegetables, a little meat, drink water or coffee no milk, some fruit.

$900 How do the people in BBD survive? The GDP is only $19, 000 per person per YEAR!

Author — Junk Nospam


This is in Barbados dollars right? So when you say the cheese was $10.99 thats Barbados dollars not USD?

Author — Morgan Lilly


You should state that the cost is in Barbados dollars. $1 USD equals $1.98 BDS. So the total in USD is approximately half.

Author — Judith Walcott


Is this Barbados dollars or u.s dollars?

Author — Blockchain Safety


Hi! Is this in local currency or USD? Thanks!

Author — vyanovsky


U never hear bout popular or cherish supermarket

Author — fabian chaplin