Ex-CIA officer blasts CNN's 'false' report on Russia and Trump

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Ex-CIA officer blasts CNN's 'false' report on Russia and Trump 4.5
Mike Baker, a former CIA operations officer, discussed certain news networks' false reporting on a spy's extraction from Russia.

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It's time for people at MSNBC and CNN to go to jail. This isn't a game
Barr needs to make an example of these traitors

Author — Jeff Ccr


Cnn is so desperate to get orange man bad that they will burn America down to get him.... lying is just part of they game and msm = lies

Author — Tom fair


MSM is the enemy of all Americans! President Trump is right for calling them " FAKE NEWS "! They lie to follow their dangerous agenda. They are truly disgraceful and an enemy of all law abiding Americans.

Author — Brian Witt


Would It Ever Be Awesome To See MSNBC And CNN Go Down.

Author — Ron Wuerch


NBC= nothing but crap
CNN= crap news network

Any questions?

Author — WWTormentor


NBC and CNN are enemies of america and traitors. The more time they have to hurt america, the more the country falls. We used to have DOJ and authorites but now it's a complete sham. This is why you should never trust anyone.

Author — papavalium


Pull their press passes. No more White House access.

Author — Steve - Veteran


CNN is infamous for spreading russian conspiracy theories.

Author — Linda Minton


The fake news media are really the enemy of the people.

Author — Gloria Jésus


CNN will never regain their respect back, because they just lie about everything. And these are not just lies, because they dream up lies.

Author — Dona Herndon


God bless President Trump. Pray for our Country and President Patriots!!

Author — Trina Love


is it any wonder why CNN is losing its audience with all this FAKE NEWS

Author — Charles de Gois


The liberal lamestream media establishment is the reason only 30% of the population of the United States trusts anything they say . And the fact that the percentage is that high scares the hell out of me .

Author — Dennis Walker


Mr Trump ! shut down CNN and MSNBC for national security ! it been done before and cant be again ! they are out of control !

Author — Theredneck Prepper


Never trust CIA, past or present! Lol

Author — CRS Donchaknow


Find the leakers fake or not and charge them with treason and charge CNN with accessory

Author — fxrsniper1


This seems to be skating on the edge of treason. No journalistic privilege should protect someone who commits treason. It's time to prosecute news organizations that intentionally compromise our national security

Author — Beth Lorenz



Author — RJim Harris


When is MSM going to be held accountable for their false reporting?

Author — Teri Matich


The pretense that these msm partisans are somehow serving the interests of the American people is vanishing quicker by the day

Author — santanawhite