10 Tips to Edit 10x Faster in Premiere Pro

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10 Tips to Edit 10x Faster in Premiere Pro 5

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💬 Comments on the video

So the Asus is a great tool to run Spotify while editing on your main computer.

Author — ROMA Productions


So the recomended PC for Premiere is a laptop LOL. This is why you should never listen to a Mac user on the subject of computers.

Author — Roberto Guimaraes


having slow computer actually helps with the distraction issue. Because you really need to close all the apps and turn off the Internet for Premiere Pro to run.

Author — Nina


1. Have a good computer (like their sponsored one! 😒)
2. Plan Ahead of Time
3. Use Proxies
4. Hard Drive Speeds Matter
5. Data Management - have backups, keep files organized
6. Keep an Asset Library
8. Creating Presets
9. Assembly Line Method (Don't keep watching back, huge time waster)

Author — stance


When you get a Parker Walbeck ad on a Parker Walbeck video.

(Parker Walbeck's wallet: STONK!📈)

Author — GuusDePanda


16:11: The most important tip that could drive you to the best result of your work. 🔥🔥🔥

Author — Noorhakim Mohamed Noor


New video?? Lets's go! Perfect timing to distract me from editing!

Author — Chris Franklin


PARKER NEVER WASTES MY TIME..thanks bro. great video as freaking usual.

Author — Joseph Garcia


Big thanks to my teammate Landon for spending the past two weeks scripting, filming and editing this video! And to Asus for sponsoring the vid so we can fund the time it takes to put these videos together, and to all of you for your support in tuning in, hope you get some good value 🙏

Author — Parker Walbeck


Distractions = Biggest reason for any type failure in life, every aspect.

Author — Paul Singh


Parker looks super proud when Landon is speaking. He's like: "I taught you everything I know, young padawan!"

Thanks for the video by the way! :)

Author — Jeff Monnery


15:10 "and you know it" dam dude you are so right, I feel so busted! Im going to work on changing that habit now for sure. Thanks for the great video guys, amazing work

Author — Trevor Nygaard


Adobe Premiere Pro CC has stopped working...

Author — Isaac WEAPON


1. Having good hardware.
me: you shall not change my Intel hd 5500 and 2 core i5-5200U peasant

Author — gabnys


Editing goal: make videos so precise and concise like the ones Parker makes!

Author — Epic Fitness


Me on my 2013 macbook pro... I've NEEDED this video so thank you guys so much🔥

Author — TheKoreanFilmmaker


I was editing a wedding video when i got distracted by this video!

Author — Bushido Roronoa


Concise and packed full of punch as always! Great job guys! :)

Author — One Stop Websites


If you don't want to be hearing an ad for a laptop instead of honest, knowledgeable advice, start from 5:34

These 2 fumble over themselves about computers getting things really wrong in order to try and make a sponsors laptop seem more appealing. 70% of what they say about computers is misinformation.

Skip to the tips they actually understand at 5:34

Author — TJ Marx


11:09 finally what i've been waiting for

Author — Diempyy