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Romania 5

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Just sad that Romania is having this negative image worldwide. Forget for just one second about politics and look deeper into the country. I was really impressed. Romania has indeed a brighter future. Greetings from your smaller sister, Bulgaria.

Author — Яни Л


Sighişoara it’s beautiful ..Glad I was there in November as they told me in the summer it’s full of tedious annoying tourists from all over the world ( shame) at night the street were empty so took great pictures...
Beautiful town .. on a bad note .. I couldn’t help but notice that plastic is scattered everywhere and mountains of abusive rubbish ... hope the mayor does something about it
Greetings from Italy Romanian people are beautiful ciao

Author — Luis Lizard


My dream is someday a trip to Romania... greetings from Colombia, South America ♥️

Author — Juan de luna


Born of Romania, was adopted very young! Now I live in the USA. This made me tear up. Proud

Author — annadipsalot


Romania is so beatiful!!Greetings from Bulgaria!Just amazing. :D

Author — Some Guy


This is one of my dream place to visit the view was so perfect and the people looks so friendly and kind greetings to Romanian from Philippines ❤️❤️❤️😊...

Author — love&music chaicel


Romania🇹🇩 is just WONDERFUL!!!Greetings from Russia!❤️ ❤️ ❤️

Author — Sehrmer


One of the countries that always has been underestimated by the west europeans and I have heard only bad things for our neighbours. The movie is good and represents Romania in more objective way. I have only good impression from Romania and people there and i think in future that bad opinion will change, because that is one really old culture and country.
Romanians don't forget that your ancestors are dacians and should be proud!
I'm saying that because ours are the ancient tracians and we have same roots and unfortunately at the moment we share almost same destiny, but that's gonna change in future! I'm sure:)!
Best regards from Bulgaria!

Author — hristo filipov


Romania the land of Vlad the great King the defender of europe 😘😘😘

Author — james micheal


For some time now i have been trying to find a video showing the true Romania and history of romania. This is so refreshing compared to the negative videos i have seen. Enlightening beautiful educational. Love this video. Nuff respect from Jamaica! Big up Romania!!!!

Author — jmm 1671


Beautiful country 😍 Getting back to it every time.
Love to our from Serbia. 🇷🇴🇷🇸🇷🇴🇷🇸🇷🇴🇷🇸🇷🇴🇷🇸🇷🇴

Author — Nightlider14


I visit Romania in december. It's so so beautiful country... i fell in love brasov city. I send my love from Greece❤

Author — Μαρια μαρια


Finaly a documentary who knows the difference betewen romani and rromi

Author — 89DeluCs


It's a different world. so calm and peaceful. its like medieval Europe minus the wars and brutality. The architecture beautiful.

Author — Rohan A


I have never expected that so close to me, there are so many interesting sights, especially in the rural areas of Maramures. Greetings from the neighboring Bulgaria! I will visit you soon.

Author — Nikolay Rusanov


I ••adore•• the poetic, loving presentation of Romanian faces, starting around 13:45. I don't think I've ever seen a travel video do something quite like that. So often, tourists travel to see 'things' like buildings and art but they forget that the most amazing thing to appreciate is the beautiful humanity in those places.

Author — Kimberly G.


This is such a beautiful presentation! I have the most wondeful wife in the world and I'm proud to shout that she's Romanian. I am well impressed, Romania is so incredibly amazing country. Soon I will be there, much respect to Roma community they value family, respect, living in modern times by keeping their traditions. I believe that Romanians are the best people in Europe, we shared the same hospitality! Love from the Philippines!

Author — Sligo Cuman


There are a lot of people who give Romania a bad name, i say people who have never visited. Ignorance and rude people is all they are. Romania is very nice. The people are very friendly and welcoming. I would highly recommend it.

Author — Getoffofmycloud


Great Video. We absolutely love Romania when we visited!!! People were so friendly!!

Author — Jamesyboy Experiment


Aceasta este tara mea cu bune si cu rele cu cei buni si cei rai si sincer va spun ca imi IUBESC tara si sunt mandru ca sunt ROMAN!!!

Author — Johnny NrOne