How To Grow An Apple Tree From SEED to FRUIT 🍎! In 3 YEARS!!

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Can you Grow an Apple Tree from Seed? You may have asked yourself this question before, I know I have. I’m here to tell you that you can, and I can show you how! I harvested Apples from a tree I planted after only 3 years!! Now I have my own Apple variety, the Prigioni Apple!!
Please share this video with others so we can get as many Apple trees planted from seed as possible. Let’s get some new Apple varieties!

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That's exactly why I started my trees. Didn't care that it'll take 10 years. They're all seedlings but I like them and they make me happy. You just inspired me even more. Thank you, sir. I'll be watching more of your videos.

Author — Jamie Stephens


I had apples in the fridge for months, when I sliced them up, the seeds were starting to sprout! I planted in pots til weather warmed, then into the soil. Worked great!

Author — Four Day Homestead


Dude, your energy is off the chain. I love watching how happy you are to grow (practically anything). In essence, you display the truest form of the green thumb brother. Keep on growing and making great videos!

Author — Christopher Bookwalter


Love how we’re all becoming farmers and gardeners during quarantine

Author — Paola Elizabeth Morales


Apparently not all apple seeds need a dormancy period. I had some that I took right out of the apple and started them on damp paper towel, and they sprouted right away.

Author — Issac Newton


I just did the dampening experience with a bosc pear. It's been about two weeks, and I have one seed that has sprouted. Think I'll transplant :) Yes, you do have a very childlike excitement for growing things. Keep it up... If only we all would think that way, how much less we'd rely on a food distribution system that is broken.
We have about half our backyard with edibles, and planning on extending that further, into the front. Veggies, bananas, figs, and now a pear tree!

Author — DNA ___


This is freaking bad ass. I want to grow fruit trees for the deer too.

Author — Colonel Quail


I loved this video ♥️
Everyone should be growing ...
Especially when these days are so uncertain???
Turn off the news and grow a garden 🌱
~ Blessings ~

Author — Carli C


Imagine if he forgot the hit record after all these years

Author — Cheems


I love how you're so passionate and real instead of stiff about it. It shows yoh really enjoy gardening. 😊

Author — HeyPeeps ImLizzie


Love your enthusiasm! I just love growing things - especially from seed. This year alone I have grown, pear, lemon and many ornamental trees. No luck with my apple seeds unfortunately, but there's always next year! Looking forward to eating my own pears!

Author — Jillyjogs


Love this young guys enthusiasm! We need more people like him! Well done!

Author — Wombat Wombaffle


Love your philosophy. My 5 year old came home from daycare with an apple seed he wanted to plant. I told him the chances of dropping it into the ground would not likely result in a tree, but that it is always fun to try and see what happens. This was in early March. Sure enough now in August we have a nice strong stalk about 7 inches with about 10 small leaves on it. We had a close call last month when we checked the stalk as saw that something had eaten the top two inches. We built a small protection cage around it and now it has grown another 4 inches with many new leaves. He is so excited. I watched this video in hopes to find how to protect our very little delicate sapling from the coming winter (We are in Michigan an hour North of Detroit). Any advice would be great.

Author — ArtChr73


I just took some seeds and out them in a random pot in my room, and now i have 14 trees growing in a few different pots XD

Author — LucasWerewolf


Huh. I just popped my green apple seeds into a wet paper towel, put the paper towel in a ziplock bag and sealed it and it worked fast and very very well. Both my Gala seeds and granny smith loved it. I dried the gala seeds but the granny smith weren't pre-dried. Maybe green and gala are just easier seeds to get to sprout?

Author — Luke


I love this man's passion, you can tell he really loves to grow things. To plant an apple seed and wait years all the while not knowing what you'll end up with isn't something most people would do. All the time and care that goes into it and you might end up with something inedible or cook-able, is something only a truly passionate person would do. Wish I could smash the like button twice.

Author — GW Smith


I love how this guy is so proud of his apple tree. I’m growing one too now. I know it’s veryyy unlikely that it will be a good apple, but maybe, just maybe, I create a new competent variety

Author — In a Tavern


Amazing work! Thanks for the encouragement. Started planting apples and pears about 8 months ago. Keeping a diary of my experiments and findings.

Author — Tarfa P. Kpamber


Damn this is cool! thank you! imagine if everyone planted one fruit seed! We would have so many fruits to eat without even needing to buy it.

Author — mikeetoo96


How blessed Mavis would feel to be able to plant his own tree & be live to harvest his own fruit~

Author — Martha Cain