Angel Investors: How to Find Investors (In 2019)

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Angel Investors: How to Find Investors (In 2019) 5

Angel investors are a great way to get your Starutp of the ground. In this video, we show 5 ways to find an Angel Investor for your Startup. These are 5 ready to use strategies for your Startup that will show you exactly how to find an Angel investor. We cover Angellist, Angel Groups, LinkedIn and much more.

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Angel Investment Network:


Twine big list of Investors:

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Groups of Angels:
Danish Business Angels

Nordic Makers

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Sir, I need funding for mini-hydropower project and solar energy in Nepal. huge demand here

Author — go Nepal


Thank you. I always tried to look for local investors but sometimes I’m afraid they might steal my idea which is unique in the whole country and will solve a lot of financial problems with the working class. I hope to get angel investors abroad

Author — Fuerte Farmer


I need a small angel investor. Think you could help me with 1k$ for my business?

Author — OFF-Grid HillBilly Style


Do you have any suggestions for aquaculture? Do you, would you recommend contacting Investors in a related field (ie food industry)?

Author — T Clodfelter


Thank you for making the video. I have started my first company and it grew a lot faster than I anticipated. I work a full time senior developer position which I use to fund my company abroad. Based on my situation I need a global angel investor I believe. We are working on our second product but are starting to hit the dealing with current inflow of cash. Do you have any advice?

Author — Aylwing Olivas


Need an investor, for my gambling website company

Author — radennn wii


it is really a helpful channel thank you Mr heine, I will watch all the vedios

Author — Houssem eddine


Great video my entrepreneurship professor who is also an angel investor recommended me to use Gust.

Author — Alejandro Aguilar


Thank u for this video, hoping to find my angel investor for my fruits and vagetable. Ecommerce business

Author — Mhadz Gonzales


Thanks for your educative presentation. But I funding to start my transport company.

Author — Fitness Goals Hub


Need an investor for revolution of technology or i will need to work 3-4 years to make it by myself 🤦🏻‍♂️

Author — Tungatjetajuj


Wow, and I'm from Denmark! I am very grateful for your video!

Author — Stephen Homoki


@Raw startup I have an important question. I had someone contact me only a week after I had started working on figuring out the numbers. I told them where I was and they asked me if I wanted to pitch to an investor. I said I would love to but I was not at that point with my numbers and my concept as it was a draft. Long story short we got an introduction and the next day they wanted to start things and they wanted answers for me in terms of saying yes to moving forward when I never even discussed terms and a concept excetera with them in the first place. I was thrown off and felt pushed because I need to have an understanding before I could say yes. He said they get 70% and I get 30 and was already being defensive about me having anyone on my team that I wanted there. In this kind of situation do I say no and wait and hope that I find another investor or just take the chance?

Author — Angelina Sparacino


Looking for angel investors in nyc for an e commerce app have a back end already developed

Author — Spliff Sensei Roe Jogan


Great Video!

Actually, the platforms mentioned in the guide are merely "dumb" and static database requiring the user to actively filter through a few variables. It is just not smart enough and a waste of data.

I have founded PioneerPitch, a platform which will dynamically and proactively connect startups with investors based on dozens of variables. Our solution leverages data-driven analysis and AI to find the right investor for any given startup.

Author — Melad Safi


I just passed my General B contractors licence, looking for a person in the south california area willing to start building mobile homes. A fast and incredible opportunity for the ones willing to walk with me.. All im asking is for you to be great at the trade able to hangle basically a company as you will be my right hand man. I have a valid license up to date with General liability on hand all i need is an investor with the skills to do the job and bring money to the table for our first few contracts. Returns are amazing talking about building a single wide for 30k and selling it for 60k double the profit in less than a year. Imagine repairing an entire mobile home park we are talking about millions in less than 10 years....

My background I used to be a forman for a general b contractor I used to do plumbing electrical heating as well had a few times in carpentry and decided that making mobile home is very profitable, the owner of the company is making contracts between 40 -$50, 000 while paying his employees a decent wage. I know mobile home is the future for affordable housing all I need is a partner with funds and the skills to help me.

Author — montro electric


I will start watching these other videos of yours as I’m super intrigued.
I did have a question regarding angel investing and startups. If you’re willing to lend a ear and hopefully feedback, let me know how and where I may ask. Thanks dude!

Author — Dutch_Rutter


Need an investor for my custom jewelry business..

Author — Stereotyped Me


Do cold emailing work at the moment I don't have anyone in my network who is connected to any investor.

Author — shawn Maverton


After being a business owner and operator of a small, in-home daycare I am looking to start a daycare center. From there I want to offer an over-night care program and then a nanny agency. I want to staff it with veterans because they bring an incredible skill set, stamina and dedication. I live in Washington State where many programs have closed their doors due to very high licensing standards. The result is cheap, illegal daycare with workers who have no training.
I need a good amount of income to get this off the ground. Currently I bring in just over four thousand dollars a month and the parcel of land and structure that I have my eye on is $175, 000 and needs a lot of work.
I have an incredible story behind it and my business plan is very unique. I need your advice on how to find support.
The best,

Author — Sarah Taron Ayers