NO MORE ALCOHOL - One of the Most Eye Opening Motivational Videos Ever

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Countless people including Dr. Andrew Huberman, Patrick Bet David, Professor David Nutt, and Mario Aguilar explain why you should stop drinking alcohol.

"Alcohol is a toxic, psychoactive, and dependence-producing substance and has been classified as a Group 1 carcinogen by the International Agency for Research on Cancer – this is the highest risk group, which also includes asbestos, radiation and tobacco. But people don't want it to be true. Especially the multi-billion dollar alcoholic beverage industry."

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- Drinking about 3.5 drinks a day doubles or even triples your risk of developing cancer of the mouth, pharynx, larynx and esophagus.
- Drinking about 3.5 drinks a day increases your risk of developing colorectal cancer and breast cancer by 1.5 times.
- Even moderate alcohol consumption has been linked to an approximate 30 to 50 per cent increased risk of breast cancer.
- The less alcohol you drink, the lower your cancer risk.


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Patrick Bet David

Dr. Andrew Huberman

David Nutt

Mario Aguilar

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I'm almost 3 years sober. I quit on my own terms but it took me a long time of trying...I never quit quitting and I've never looked back. I don't think about drinking ever because i knew there was no positive in drinking. I just knew it owned me and I hated that!!! I'm an ex smoker too. Bloody proud of myself!!!

Author — @luannebernhardt2258


I’ve been sober from cocaine and alcohol for almost 9 months now. I was being pulled down and felt like I’d never climb out of the holes I was digging. Sobriety has been amazing! Thanks for sharing this video.

Author — @Drasman123


Happy to report that I am on day 22 of sobriety. It's become a top priority in my life

Author — @kingofthorns203


Five years sober! Best decision I ever made! 🙌

Author — @Althea1111


Not an alcoholic or have a problem with alcohol but I’m watching it to remind myself of how powerful addictions are and how I need to stay clear of them

Author — @sivuyilejonas


I quit drinking about a week ago. This is great motivation to keep it that way.

Author — @OrionGuided


We must support everyone for not taking alcohol

Author — @tushardas2312


I decided to quit drinking 9 days ago. It was really taking me over. I can actually feel my body changing right now.

Author — @Cepheidvariable


I started smoking cigarettes and drinking alcohol at the age of 14. Got addicted for over 15 years, but after trying out psilocybin treatment I will be 5 years clean. Never thought I would be saying this about mushrooms.

Author — @EddieHowes


17 months without alcohol and I am feeling great. I made savings, I bought a bicycle, I workout and I eat healthy. And those things came naturally without forcing them. They just happened
If you have a drinking problem I'm begging you to ask for help. Its very difficult to quit on your own.
I wa drinking everyday for 20 years and now I am 42. If I made it you can do it too. Trust me.

Author — @Loukas_Athens


I am 36 and started drinking regularly at probably 14. I started 75 hard and I haven't drank for almost two months and I haven't felt this good since I was in high school when I would quit for the most part during sports. I just can't believe how clear my mind is. My anxiety has decreased immensely. No wonder they push this crap on the general population the way they do because it keeps you almost in a vegetative state of mind

Author — @duramax1gmc


It´s been 7 months since I decided to quit drinking. I was drinking on a daily basis and often suffered from blackouts. I got tired and now I plan to have a sober life and also help others become sober.

Author — @MrSoccerlove11


10 years sober here. I'm going to be completely honest, tonight is the first time in a long time that I've even thought about having a drink but I am so glad that I watched this video. It really helped pull me out of potentially ruining my sobriety. Why drink? Just because I'm feeling a little boredom or loneliness? It's not fuckin worth it because the booze will only end up amplifying those feelings anyway.
Thanks for the video.

Author — @tookurjaerbs


"One Day at A Time" If you get through the next hour I'M PROUD OF YOU ♥️
If I can do it ANYONE can do it!
Much Love ❤️

Author — @LMC290


Been sober since 2016. Alcohol is all about drama, but sobriety is subtle. Letting go of the drama is almost as hard as letting go of the habit. You are giving up a bonfire for a tranquil stream in the forest. Don't expect some epic experience with sobriety; it is a quiet thing, and you may miss the flaming excess, but one day you will wake up and think, "Wow, this feels good! This feels peaceful." Don't wait to hit the Bottom (anther DUI, a fatal car accident, job loss, running over a pedestrian, divorce, spouse abuse, etc).My own hitting bottom was not so much tragic as briefly humiliating but I got the message and said "That's it". Bonus benefits: your wallet gets fatter and your body gets thinner!

Author — @FriendofDorothy


I quit both alcohol and smoking at the same time, on my own. Three years clean now, I feel amazing and should have done this a long time ago. To everyone who wants to do it, just try it, but don't pressure yourself, a day at a time☺

Author — @chrissylater5863


Wasn’t an alcoholic, but whenever I drunk I couldn’t control myself. Then I would hate my self the next day . The aftermath was hell, terrible migraines, loss of taste and generally feeling sick for days. I was continuously poisoning myself . Last I drunk i got sick for close to a week. I knew it was time to end the self torture. Best decision i ever made

Author — @anniedeborahchinungo4434


I stopped drinking September 2022. I have Gilbert's Syndrome and drinking doesn't go well with it, especially the hangovers that induce brain fog and anxiety. Whilst in a severe 3 day hangover I said to myself, enough is enough. I read and watched a lot and knew I was done. I couldn't believe the results. Life has changed dramatically in every aspect, my job, my hobbies, my relationships, my romantic relationship, my pursuits, my fitness levels, all of these have improved. I feel like my life has only just started and I'm so excited about the future and what it holds as it's very bright. A life without alcohol is so worth living. If you're wanting to rid this out of your life, you'll never look back. I will never look back either.

Author — @edwardcox9698


I am on day 36 and feel amazing. Weight down 5 pounds, waist one inch smaller, body aches are gone, brain activity, memory and articulation are significantly improved, reflexes are remarkable, energy is through the roof.

Author — @timothymccoy1569


I’ve drank heavily for my entire adult life. My father was also a big drinker and he passed away at a young age. I made the decision to quit for good two months ago. I have too much to live for, and too much I’ve already wasted. I’m fully aware how much work needs to be done. It’s overwhelming. All you can do is take it a day at a time. I don’t judge or compare myself to anyone else. Everyone is on their own journey. I wish everyone who chooses to quit health and happiness.

Author — @Tim21189