Anunnaki Temples, Baffling Technology of the Sumerians

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Anunnaki Temples, Baffling Technology of the Sumerians 4.5

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What knowledge lies in our ancient past? A team of renowned scholars has come together to go beyond the surface-level myths, artifacts, and mysteries found in ancient texts and lost cities from around the world. Journey to decipher the code scattered throughout ancient civilizations.


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💬 Comments on the video

Great work!!! Excellent presentation and information 😀

Author — jonny slide


I don’t think they experienced many dust storms. The entire area was lush and green. Do you think they chose a damn desert to start such an empire in..?

Author — makita


they are not temples, but places where energy was made

Author — Michael Leister


So glad to find a channel on ancient history that isn't a "alien theory" channel.

Author — Cough It Up


The gods were a living people who actually lived amongst us humans. The narrator talks like it's all a myth when it's truth and history.

Author — Tom Fuller


Excellent presentation, very comprehensive and easy to listen tone. Thank you.

Author — Eddie Cheong


We are still learning from our roots   The Alien Gods

Author — romy Gime


It would be hard enough to build those marvelous cities in ancient times, by using both hands, but these great builders, managed to construct all these amazing structures, while carrying with them their hand-bags! An amazing feat in deed!

Author — Robert B.


A lot of story between each story but a solid foundation of the timeline. Thanks.

Author — C Bruce Strickland


Great documentary! It shows us that human beings had a high civilization tens of thousands years ago. The wrist ornament looks so much like today's wrist watch, amazing.

Author — whk wole


Time changes nothing the same thugs still control the world through government and religion

Author — Randy Scott


El Edin(our home in the far away).
Paradise on earth, until conflict and war did away with it all.

Author — Mark Garduno


What we get from found history is just little bit of information that happen in another dimension. It’s true but not all of it to get accurate information we have to be in the exact dimension or the parallel universe that this has happened

Author — Harpreet Singh


I have seen PICS of the ZIGGURAT a million times BUT have never seen pics of the INTERIOR It appears it has windows but does it not have an interior ? Is it only a big platform ? What is so special about a platform?

Author — William James Rapp


Confirms my theory, that civilization was a byproduct of making good beer. What else would bring a hillbilly out of the mountains. Enough said

Author — Scott Congdon


why do we have baffling technology... recorded on stone tablets...

Author — bombud1


How can humanity benefit from such truth? can this information influence love and peace on earth?

Author — Ivan Zavala


Thank you for your sincere work. Why we are not sure about the alien origin of anunnaki?

Author — Youness Madhi


How come no one ever shows the inside of the zigurat? those small holes usually indicate there is an opening of some sort behind it.

Author — moon pie


Look's like Lion's were Prevalent in The Wild. And Hunted for Sport. And survival.

Author — CDK ya