BMW M1 Group B | DiRT Rally 2.0

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BMW M1 Group B | DiRT Rally 2.0 5

Me and the sky blue BMW M1 going for a relaxed drive in the sunset!

Game: DiRT Rally 2.0, Xbox One
Partner: Racing Ahead, Codemasters.
Stage: Viñedos Dardenyà, Spain.

Wheel settings:
Sensitivity: 50
Linearity: 0
Deadzone: 0
Saturation: 108
- All driving assists are off.

Setup: Thrustmaster TMX + TH8A, Playseat Evo

- no one will read this, June 22nd, be ready! ;)

💬 Comments on the video

Either he has the greatest tyres to ever not be made available to the general public or he has turned off tyre noise!🤣😂

Author — Luxor Cephren


I feel like Codemasters sent someone who really likes this car to work on the sound.

Author — luchvk


Be honest guys the only reason why you would drive dirt in 3rd person is because of the exhaust sound

Author —


_Fix grip on tarmac or draw 25_

*draws 25*

Author — unReal_wResTLer


I love Dirt but I can't stand the tarmac's artificial slide physics.

Author — Matt Cannon


Henrik: 'Going for a relaxed drive in the sunset'

Also Henrik: Maxed out 99% of the track

Author — Kai Carroll


Why do the cars in this game look/feel like their center of gravity is 2 meters ahead of the front bumper?

Author — gsky


So they never did fix the "floaty" tarmac physics then ...

Author — Daniel Rayson


Looks so floaty. Codemasters trademark physics to this day.

Author — Allen Vrabac



Author — Rxyaz


I'm using this car and Rally GT cars to recreate hill climb races...

Author — Mateusz Woźniak


They certainly nailed that engine sound. Damn that could be an ASMR.

Author — Trades46


I've only played the first game, which iirc has different tarmac physics, but why does the car seem like it's sliding on ice? Is it just a lack of tyre squeal?

Author — OsthatoAlfakyn


I love how reallistic it looks. The graphics and textures on the translucent rear lights plastic are neat.

But it doesnt give you the feel that the wheels are rolling on the ground, and that those rear wheels are propelling the car. It deems like its sliding even at mild speeds. Just my opinion.

Author — Phroden Dekia


HenrikM: goes for the relaxing drive in sunset

HenrikM: *yeet*

Author — Branislav Radojević


I wish i could port the Spain maps into asseto corsa, the pavement physics feel a lot more natural

Author — BOPPE


2:07 was the moment when you lost what I call "mindless drift
", a state when your subconscious drives the car.
Back in a days I've had personal best on France stage 1 in CMR2.0 with Lancer Evo in 2:14 but I don't remember how I made it :D Today after maybe 15-17 years I can't get below 2:25 on that stage :/

Author — Łukasz K


HOW are you able to drive so smoothly, especially in this beast?!

Author — ajrichar


This game looks amazing but I could never adapt to the physics of sliding without really counter steering

Author — Louis Beeston


Good driving here, that was an excellent performance by driver's point of view but the game itself not so realistic from the perspective of the cars behavior around corners especially at such high speeds . It was cool to watch him following the ideal driving line but that's just not realistic at all . No matter how good geometry, downforce is applied and how good tires, suspensions and brakes are, there is no way the car could defy the laws of physics . Again because the driver is playing it manually and with steering wheel i give a thumbs up !!!!

Author — George Isaak