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Today we're making carne molida / picadillo. You can use picadillo / carne molida as the filling to your empanadas, lasagna, pastelon, and much more! You can use this recipe anytime you have to make ground beef. Let me know what you think and don't forget to subscribe!

Carne Molida/Picadillo Ingredient List
- 1lb ground beef
- 1 small chopped onion
- ¼ cup chopped green peppers
- 1tbs sazon or paprika
- ½ tbs adobo
- ¼ - 1/8 tsp cumin
- 1 tsp garlic powder or fresh chopped garlic
- ½ tsp black pepper
- 1 tsp oregano
- 2-3 sprigs of fresh thyme
- 1 capful of red or white vinegar
- olive oil
- 2 tbs tomato paste
- ¼ cup chopped recao
- 2-3 tbs chopped green Spanish olives
- water

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I am Russian and very happy that I learn how to cook for my Dominican husband. I cooked it with tostones. My husband said it was amazing.

Author — Julia Hernandez


I make this at least once a week. We love it so much! Thank you Chef Zee! ❤️

Author — Sol


Finally a Latina chef that is humble enough to get down to an understandable level for their viewers, with easy ingredients that anybody can find at their grocery store without breaking the bank. Thank you and God bless you and your family.

Author — Jay Morales


I just made this and it was incredibly successful. The perfect Dominican taste. My mom and I grew up with hardboiled egg, raisins and olives in it so it was a bit different than yours but for my first time making it, it made all my nostalgia come back.

Author — vielka503


I just finished making this, and it seriously reminds me of the version my dad made. This was one of his favorite things to make for us because we all loved it so much!! He is sadly not with us anymore due to a 10 year battle with a brain tumor, but thanks to this channel his memory stayed with me 😭 thank you chef zee!

Author — Sofia Guzman


Wow you’re killing it girl, that looks so good and so easy to make thanks! Going to the store now.

Author — Joaquin


Hey! Your videos are so good! I already cook most of these on my own but I have been incorporating some of what you do in my cooking which has enhanced it. I typically use Tomato Sauce in my recipes, but you use tomato paste which I guess is all about personal preference, but do you use it in order to manage the amount of liquid you are using? or does it have a better taste? I was just curious. I was taught by using the sauce so I'm apprehensive about using paste.

Author — Soupy BK


Used your recipe to accompany my Chop cheese sandwich and it came out amazing, thank you for the video.

Author — Keaven Chevalier


My mom and grandmother would put just a few raisins in when she added the green olives. Made it very good to get an occasional sweet in with the salty/savory meat. She also used this meat to make pastelitos. Anyone else remember doing this in their recipe?

Author — Alexvander10


I just made this recipe for the 4th time. My family loves it so much. ❤️❤️

Author — N C


This taste so amazing! I did it with turkey and did not had to do the water and it came out perfect. Thank you chef Zee

Author — blessed 777


My husband (who is Italian) loves quipe, so I’m going to use this carne recipe to make the quipe! Or at least try. I’ve never made it before but my mom and Tias always make them for Christmas and funerals 😣😣😣 and has been asking me to make them!

Author — Erica Reyes


Love that you stick to your roots and always embrace the culture. 🇩🇴

Author — Alejandro Hurtado


Making this right now actually ! Followed your Recipe to the T. My fiancée is Dominican and use to eat this wth white rice all the time, so when he saw me watch your video on it he harassed me until I gave in and made it ahahahha hope I did it good and he likes it ! 💕

Author — frances hernandez


Chef Zee I just made this tonight following your recipe and WOW!!! Gracias mil!

Author — Alison Brooks


Thank God for Tía LaLa because that adding water/simmering down trick is a game changer!

Author — Monie


I was supposed to be looking up a recipe for dessert, within the last hours I've looked at sweets & desserts, Dominican and Cuban Recipes. Oh look, I just found holiday favorites and sauces... Your channel is addicting, I can't get enough. You're amazing!!

Author — Hint


Thanks Chef Zee I made this for my pastors 60 birthday party and he love it as well as the crowd.i put the patter down and walked away my nerves where so bad I was scared and within 6-7 min ppl cleaned the patter . Ive made this for myself and couldn't stop eating I ate it with rice and I'm eating what I had left 😆 we are all african American from almost to Jamaica to Haitians and I'm making Dominican empanadas I like to step out the box sometimes thanks again Chef Zee

Author — Sheryl Smith


Si delicioso me encanta picadillo yo como latín picadillo y es el mismo, no difícil muy fácil hacer 🥰😋

Author — Layah Yasharahla


This looks delicioso, i am dominican myself and never knew how to cook carne molida that looks that good. I am doing this recepy today.

I just found your channel yesterday, watched a ton of your videos and could not resist to subscribe. You have a very warming presence and very likeable. Keep up the good work.

By the way, do you have a video recepy to cook niño envuelto.??

Author — Juan Rijo