Pakistan's ex-president Ali Zardari arrested for money laundering

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Pakistan's ex-president Ali Zardari arrested for money laundering 4.5
Pakistan's former President Asif Ali Zardari has been arrested on corruption charges.

He's accused of using multiple false bank accounts to launder millions of dollars.

Zardari denies the allegations, and his Pakistan People's Party says the case is politically motivated.

Al Jazeera's Charlie Angela reports on Zardari's role in Pakistani politics.

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Excellent news . May he and his corrupt cronies stay behind bars and rot

Author — Nashwa h


Will done great job by imran khan and law of pakistan

Author — Ayazkhan 5555


Congratz to all Pakistanis finally accountability for all is not a dream any more

Author — Cool Dude


Another perfect example that politicians only serve themselves

Author — Gita ____


Hamza Shehbaz and Iltaf Hussain are also arrested today. While Shahbaz Sharif to be arrested on 14th June.

Author — Syed Mustafa Shah


Not just arrested we want our money back from these Nawaz and zardari and ANP etc etc etc
We want Pakistani nations money back please Imran Khan

Author — Bitter Truth


Many other nations wants the same justice but unfortunately being protected by same filthy political scums.

Author — Al Demir


thats good the powerful are being held accountable.

Author — Jarrod Yuki


Benezir bhotto had billions of dollars in foreign Imran Khan should get it

Author — Thomas Ranjit


I think Imran khan is going to be a blessing for Pakistan. I find him as an honest and hard working leader.May Allah help Pakistan to rebuild their economy.

Author — Hridoy Hossain


Most corrupt, traitor robber, murderer polition, he spoiled the name of Pakistan .We are happy that he gone into jail .
We trust and proud of our great PM Imran Khan .
These all plunderer will rot in jail .Inshallah!

Author — Faiza Sanam


Hang him in public along with his supporters. Let his supporters rant " ZARDARI BHI ZINDA HAI"

Author — Che Guevera


It is too good for Pakistan now thanks Imran khan and people for supporting their agencies, law enforcement and standing behind IK . We are with you from Saudi Arabia.

Author — Ali Raza


Imran Khan Had Said That :
"He Would Make These Robbers Pay And Cry"
Thats What Happening Now💪

Author — Usama Baloch


زرداری کی گرفتاری پر الحمداللہ اسے کہتےگھسیٹنا

Author — Javed Iqbal


He the Thief, Murderer and Corrupt mafia is shameless look he is smiling while
He must be hanged

Author — Hamza khan


Altaf hussain also arrested in london.... awesome days for patriotic Pakistanies

Author — waqas ahmad


His nickname is mr 10%.Because he take 10 percent from every foreigner company before establishing their company in pakistan in his time

Author — Sajid Ali


No space for corrupt leaders in Pakistan...Zero tolerance for Corrupt mafia. Great Pakistan

Author — Rizwan پاکستانی


Thank you P.M IMRAN KHAN

Author — Mr K