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Should We Cancel the Bahati Reality Show? - BNN 5

Should we cancel the Bahati Reality show? Alot of Kenyans have come out with opinions on social media that they don't like the new NTV Being Bahati reality show starring Bahati and Diana Marua. BNN asks what do you think of the reality show and should it be canceled?


Edgar Obare

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Author — Edgar Obare


Toxic masculinity for who? Give me the tea with extra tea bags brother 😂

Author — Maina Wambui


Is it weird I've never watched a single episode?? Am I the only one? 😶

Author — Miss Wanjohi


Thanks Edgar... You highlighted my comment on toxic masculinity.... I feel so famous now. Ill be addressing the nation tomorrow...

Author — Noordin Alenga


To answer your question, No i do not watch Being Bahati because i feel that it is so staged and they actually don't know how to hide it.

Author — Faith Bariwot


I like the show, its hilarious because its so bad. Like those shows you watch because they are so so bad...I watch it ironically

Author — MrsM


SOME of these 'toxic masculinity' men are the same ones that call Classic fm to complain about anything and everything 😒🤦

Author — Sandy A


Let me keep watching real househelp of kawangware

Author — Hilda ambasa


Personally I do watch so as to laugh at Diana's mood swings 😂😂

Author — Ivy Auriel


My take, the being bahati show should be moved to a time like after the 9pm news (like the time they air Nairobi diaries). The time they air it, Ntv should try to air some other show that promotes talent and also a little bit subtle for the kids watching tv during that hour. As I said before, this is my opinion guys

Author — Annastacia Mumbua


I have seen them on YouTube a couple times and it’s so boring 😭
They really look like they don’t have personality and just so fake as well 😩

Nairobi diaries is lit hey ❤️
But not being Bahati 🐒



wajesus is so cringy! I wonder who watches that show!!!!

Author — Joseph kuria


Never seen or heard of you until today, you've won my heart, huringi and Ur clear unlike some YouTubers wanatweng hawaeleweki and they are struggling to drive the point home.kudos bro

Author — wambui waruiru


Toxic masculinity to me is fear of expressing your true emotions as a man due to fear maybe being ridiculed or feeling weak...lmfao!! I will my best life to only impress me

Author — kémboy


Mimi Edgar i want tea from the wajesus family....azin they are just too good to be true....ebu do some homework on them



But I feel like they are more real than the wajesus. I understand they pay a lot to be aired on tv

Author — Ruth Qym


I watch the short episodes on youtube😂😂😂actually atimes. Huwa ufala but i like🤣🤣just passing time

Author — Lisa Fiona


The show was kinda real when it started and I loved it but after sometime I lost taste in it for it was no more a reality

Author — Alvine Isaac


I watch it and love it 🤣
Let Bahati make his shmoney 💰

Author — nduta kenya


Haiya, people are afraid of saying they watch such shows? Is this what men are afraid of nowadays?
Edgar you know very well I'm here all the time😂😂
I tried watching the Bahati show but it was unbearable for me (didn't even finish one episode), however every once in a while I pop it on my tv to see wtf they're upto🤷🏾‍♂️

Author — Rick Kimotho